Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I think my life is so disorganized right now.
I've got a pile of work that needs to be done a.s.a.p.
Reports, worksheets, timetables..
And worse, tomorrow we're having a meeting with the parents regarding the exam results [which by the way can't be proud of at all!]
I can't see the importance of having this kind of meeting when most of the parents don't really care whether their children come to school or not.
Shheeeeesh!! Blame my BAD time management for this!
I tend to do work at the last minutes or close to deadlines.
Yeah, righttt!! Hehehehehe..

And there's this problem with my house mate.
I think she's just been swindled by her boyfriend [who used to be our school Pak Guard -not that it matters.. LOL]
Actually I'm in a dilemma right now.. whether to tell her family or just keep my mouth shut.
Maybe I should mind my own 'unfinished' business, but then I can't stop thinking how big of a fool she has been since they became a couple.

Let's analyze her situation:

She broke her engagement with her fiance (read here) a few months back and almost right after that the Pak Guard [PG] came into the picture.
He 'took her heart away' lah konon-kononnya.
I don't have any problem with what he does for a living, so long as it's HALAL, then again his stories or shall I say 'tales' to my house mate Y were so stupidly unbelievable.
What sort of stories? Here are some, have fun laughing your heads off!
Mind you guys these were what he told Y on their first so-called date:-

-PG told Y that when he was working in KL he used to drive [by that he meant used to have..] all sorts of cars Perdana V6 lah, Honda lah.. I wonder why he only drives a second hand Wira when he decided to come back to his kampung.

-PG said he used to be an assistant architect. [Wow!] And he was the one who designed the PM's house [wow! wow! and WOWW!!]. Upon hearing this from Y, I started to feel very uneasy with this PG guy. That is sooooooo stupid, don't you think? If you're that successful then why on earth did you have to come work in a kampung as a guard? You can do that in KL lah if you want! Aiyoo!

-PG also said he had 20-30k in his savings and that he needn't any loan to make a house for his parents. I don't see any relevance in telling anyone how much [or little] I have in my savings. And during the first meeting some more! That's just simply ridiculous.

-PG received an offer from PDRM,but he was not interested to join the force. Then, he got an offer from MAS [to receive trainings for pilot] but he declined. He said he's not so keen in working under somebody's order. According to him, he's his own boss. Yikes! What sort of a lie was that? If you 'really' got an offer from PDRM/MAS, you must've applied for the post lah kan in the first place? They aren't that stupid to offer you a job just like that! And Y actually believed this!

+ + +

There are more, but I don't want to waste more of my time just to write about PG.
The most important thing is what Y is doing now.


And so much to my own 'bewilderment', she's going to share the property with PG.
Ha ha ha. That's just plain idiot, kan?
And she said PG's going to apply a loan for the other half of it [which I doubt it'll be granted because he's jobless now. yupp, he quit his job as our school guard.]
I pity Y, because it's only her second year working yet she's already thinking of getting such a huge loan. And not for herself, even..
That PG guys is obviously a CON, right?
And either Y is totally in love to believe such words from PG or she's stupid, period.
Another take is that perhaps she's been bewitched by a 'love/money' spell?

Please, tell me what you think.
Or better still, tell me what do you think I have to do to help Y.

Oh, and did I tell you last week she didn't come home for a night and she told me she had a stomach ache and had to stay at her parents'?
It's no surprise to know that I've been conned too, by Miss Y herself.
It turns out she was in Kuala Terengganu with PG until very late that night and was afraid to go home at that hour.
So they took turns to sleep in her car.
La la la... can you believe that???

Love is after all,.... BLIND!


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