Saturday, December 3, 2011



Am really sorry to those who have been visiting this page and find no update whatsoever from yours truly.
These past few days I was not really in the mood to post anything.
As always, I need someone to 'wake me up' from this laziness.
And this time around, it's pa'chik. [Boring ekkk kena Teh 'O' je?? ;p]

Actually, today I don't really feel like writing either.
So, who's up for a short quiz? :D

Okay, there's this picture here..
I've numbered 6 of the Kelantan kuehs..
Can you give me the name of those delicacies?
[pa'chik...jgn malukan oghe Kelate..heheheheh..]
Please click on the picture for bigger view.

Selamat mencuba!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

found new love[s]

i am pleased to disappoint you that the love[s] that i have found are not in a form of a MAN [or two men for that], but rather in reading local political stuff and learning Korean language. the former is because i'm in desperate need of a good laugh and reading about how politicians ridicule themselves somehow satisfy my needs. even though it sickens me to see them toying with the rakyat's trust. the latter is for preparation IF the trip to Korea that i had roughly planned with a few best buddies, comes true. i really hope it does, as it's my ULTIMATE place to visit [as of now]. :D

what a way to start a new post after such a long break.. lol.  well, for the record, LAST month, i did try to update.. but words just wouldn't come out of my head, hence no updates whatsoever from yours truly. i have written a few drafts actually, but none was published. but now, i don't plan to give excuses on why i have not been blogging all this while. i'll just admit that i was too lazy to write. for what reason, i think it's better left unsaid-lah. it'll be the same old reason that even i am bored of writing it over and over again.. but to leave this blog and stop blogging is never in my plan at all. i guess i love this blog so much that i always leave it 'un-updated' for quite some time.. [kalau sayang tinggal-tinggalkan..] hehehe.. did i just gave an excuse there? :p

okay, people..i'd love to write more, but off to school canteen now. hehe

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lost... and Found!


Alhamdulillah, after missing for more than 2 weeks, little Yin returned to his parents' embrace yesterday.
Reading the news about Yin a couple of weeks back, my heart cried.
I didn't dare to even imagine how the mother and father must've felt the whole time Yin went missing.
And screw those people who gave fake information on Yin's whereabouts for the sake of the reward money.

Hmmm, talking about the reward money, when I heard that Datuk Michael Chong, (Ketua Biro Aduan MCA) offered RM2000 as a reward, I somehow felt his honesty.
I salute him because I know he has been helping a lot of people looking for their missing family members etc.
[Orang Cina jugak yang nak tolong ekkk.. Dahlaa duit sendiri..]

Anyways, as I was reading today's Berita Minggu, I couldn't help but to realize some things in the chronology:


# 31 Mac: Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali, 5, hilang selepas terlepas daripada pegangan bapanya ketika mereka membeli-belah di Kompleks Sogo.

# 1 April: Yin dilaporkan berada di sekitar rumah pangsa Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, tetapi tidak benar.

# 2 April: Shamsul Ghazali mendapatkan nasihat guru agama dan bomoh untuk mengesan Yin.

# 3 April: Shamsul Ghazali mula mengedarkan risalah mengenai kehilangan Yin di sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan menawarkan ganjaran.

# 5 April: Bapa Yin dibenarkan pengurusan Kompleks Sogo melihat kamera litar tertutup (CCTV). Yin dilihat keluar berseorangan ke Jalan Raja Laut.

# 6 April: Ketua Biro Aduan MCA, Datuk Michael Chong, menawarkan wang tunai RM2,000 kepada pemberi maklumat sehingga Yin dijumpai.[His own money, not from the Bureau..]

# 7 April: Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique dan isteri serta kakitangan The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd bersama-sama orang ramai mengedarkan risalah sepanjang Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman bermula dari Kompleks Campbell, Kuala Lumpur.

# 8 April: Ganjaran pemberi maklumat mengenai Yin meningkat kepada RM10,000.[Bila duit dah byk, orang mula tamak & timbul lah cerita² rekaan yang tak berkait dengan yang hidup atau pun yang dah mati tu.. I don't really agree with this.]

# 10 April: Putera Umno mengerahkan 2,000 ahli kelab motosikal pergerakan itu untuk mengedarkan poster Yin. [Sudah berbaur politik.. but their effort should be appreciated lah.]

# 11 April: Shamsul Ghazali membuat laporan di Balai Polis Damansara selepas menerima panggilan anaknya akan dibawa ke Myanmar. [This is what I'm afraid of, jual budak² kat negara luar.. Nauzubillah..]

# 12 April: Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) bekerjasama dengan polis Thailand dalam usaha mengesan Yin.

# 13 April: Lima masjid di sekitar Lembah Klang mengadakan solat hajat selepas solat Jumaat.[Ini yang HARUS didahulukan, diutamakan.. Bukan iklan wang ringgit.]

# 14 April: Yin ditemui kira-kira jam 2 petang.[Bila kita berusaha, dan seterusnya berdoa+berserah kepada Allah, insyaAllah akan dimakbulkan doa kita olehNya.]


Whatever it is, let's thank Allah for ending Encik Shamzul Ghazali and his family's misery.
The moral of the story, never let little children out of our sight.



It's the High School Musical 2 FEVER and I'm feeling it!
La la la la la~
I just can't wait to see the sequel tonight..
There's no need to be thinking whether I've gone nuts or what..
I am like that sometimes..
Especially when my 'jiwa keanak-anakan' kicks in.
[I do watch SpongeBob,Avatar and Hannah Montana quite religiously, you know..]

When There Was Me And You

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
Once upon a song

Now I know your not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Cause I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that
I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you
+ + + + +

The melody of the song was quite boring actually, hence I won't upload it here.
But I kinda like the lyrics though. Hehehehe..
And I think I fell asleep during the part when Gabriella was singing this particular song.


Saturday, November 5, 2011



Got a call from Abah this morning.
Mok Long passed away last night.

Mok Long is my Grandma's eldest sister.
The last time I saw her was last Monday, when I visited her with my parents.
I had a strange feeling right before I went to Besut that day, that it would be my last time seeing her.. I just didn't know why I felt that way.
And looking at her condition that day, my heart ached.
She was no longer my Mok Long who always smile..who talks a lot.
She was just lying helplessly sick on the mattress without recognizing me or even my Ma.

Mok Long did recognize Abah, though.
Maybe because he was his own nephew.

If you read this, please sedekahkan al Fatihah to Allahyarham.
Thanks. :|

서울.. 나 간다!! [토요일 밤의, 서울로 가요!!]

Hehe.. thought I'd 'show off' my Hangeul a bit. ;)
The title means : 
" I come!! [I'm going to Seoul on Saturday night!!]"

A bit unsettled with my assignments, but I hope I'll do okay.
I'm actually on the verge of crying right now, but I've to be positive.
Have to look on the bright side.

And the bright side is, I'm FINALLY gonna be in SEOUL!!
♥ ♥ ♥

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan

Thursday, November 3, 2011



I promised K Ruby to post a picture of tapais I bought for open house that day.
I know this is wa--------------------y belated.
But I wanna show it anyway.
Especially to those that don't know how traditional tapais look like.
Wrapped in rubber leaves.

I feel like eating tapai now.
And FYI, the best way to enjoy the tapais is to put them in the refrigerator and then eat them cold.


P/S: Actually I couldn't find a topic to write,.. hence the tapais. He he he.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



On July 15th, she flew to Sydney for her Masters.
I was a bit disappointed because I didn't get to talk to her right before she boarded her plane.
But Alhamdulillah, knowing that she wasn't by herself [Asni+Asib managed to send her off], I felt a bit relieved. take care okay?
Thank God we had our little 'date' with Shambie on the 14th.
That day I was not feeling that sad, it was only for a year, I kept telling myself that.
But when we said our last goodbyes then it hit me hard.

I won't be able to talk to you anytime I want anymore..
We won't be able to exchange stories about our 'crushes' like we always do.
No more hanging out during weekends when you came home.
And most importantly, Eid this year won't be the same without you, Aboon.


p/s: I'm happy for you for that 'ring'! ehemmmmmm~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maulidur Rasul


Yesterday our school had a Maulidur Rasul celebration.
(Am not too sure if the use of 'celebration' is appropriate. Any other suggestions of a verb?)
The celebration was quite late actually, as yesterday was already the last day of Rabiul Awal.
Praise be to Allah, everything went well even though the students were in chaos after the second slot ended sooner than it was supposed to be.

At approximately 8.30 a.m the kids berarak around the school while reciting the selawat.
They were in their best clothes and with banners and all.
I think they enjoyed everything that is not related to lessons in their classrooms.
Don't we all when we were in school??

The second slot was a ceramah by an Ustaz from Pejabat Agama Daerah Setiu.
(I can't remember his name..)
He did a splendid job I must say, because all of the students were quiet and well-behaved throughout his ceramah.
Maybe he knew how to tackle the kids' attention.
He did include Q&A, quizzes and jokes in his ceramah.
So the students weren't bored with his speech.

Then the kids had a "khat" contest for Level 2 and colouring contest for Level 1.
I didn't get to watch the kids showing their Jawi-writing and colouring skills, as I was preparing for the last slot of the celebration.
So no pictures of them 'in action'.

I was in charge of the movie show yesterday.
The kids watched "Muhammad The Last Prophet" a.k.a "Muhammad Utusan Terakhir".
It was an animation actually, and frankly I think it was very interesting.
The dialogues are in Bahasa, therefore my students had no problems understanding the story or our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).
The only problem was their concentration.

I now realize that watching a 90 minutes movie/animation is a CHALLENGE for the students, especially the little ones.
But Alhamdulillah, some of the students did learn something from the story.
I wish Malaysians can come up with this kind of story in the future.
It's a good and easier way for our kids to learn about Islam.
(My students sangat lah malas datang kelas Fadhu Ain! So this somehow helps them learn what they missed in their Sirah class.)

Phewww, I sound like an Ustazah, right? =D
(Apa salahnya once in a while perasan..)
Till then, wassalam..~

Let's Get Patriotic!

When I first got the news that I was going to be posted here in Terengganu, SETIU to be exact, some of my friends got mixed up.
Some thought Setiu was in Perak! (WTH kan?? LOL. )
Well, truth be told I have this 'thing' against Terengganu, you know.
It's unexplainable, giving thought that my Abah was born in Terengganu.. [Jerteh..]
So that means, in a way, I'm half Terengganu kan? hehehehe..
But I'm loving it, as Setiu is not that far from Kelantan.

Well, actually today's post was merely to share this particular song called "Setiuku" that we had to sing during our Teacher's Day celebration yesterday.
Laugh all you may but it shows how much I 'love' LOVE this district in Terengganu called SETIU. (gulp!)


Lahirnya di bumi Terengganu
Setiu daerah bongsu
Bangkit dalam deru
Bergerak menuju maju

Dari pantai sampai ke gunung
Nelayan petani mengukir senyum
Membina kemakmuran
Generasi wawasan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Bangun pagi, bersama mentari
Bangun membangun perindustrian
Membangun pelancongan, pertanian, perikanan
Bangun mencapai awan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Dari Merang sampai ke Bintang
Dari Fikri ke Seri Harapan
Bangun membangun desa
Bangun membangun kota
Membangun hidup cemerlang

Batu Rakit dan Permaisuri
Langkap serta juga Jabi
Bersatu dalam barisan
Bersatu dalam wawasan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Daerah bongsu di bumi Terengganu
Setiu oh Setiuku
Daerahku menuju maju


Patriotic, am I? Hehehehehe..
Even Pasir Mas/Tumpat, Seremban or Cheras don't have a song made especially for them.
So that simply means Setiu is special after all, kan?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mari, mari kawan...

Just thought of sharing this with everybody.
Something to cheer up our days.
Yours truly is having mid-term holidays, yet am @work at this moment for extra class.
And tomorrow I'll be attending a meeting for Setiausaha UPSR.. +sigh+
[so-called holidays lah..]
Okay, selamat mendengar!!


Mari-mari kawan dengar ini cerita
Perempuan sangat mudah cemburu buta
Kalau suaminya sangat bergaya
Dia so jealous, tidak percaya

You know apa yang jadi pada suatu hari
I perang besar you see!
Tapi baik juga, sudah hilang bengkak
Benjolnya dekat sini you sudah tak nampak!

Di ofis saya ada s’orang secretary
Potongan badannya…
Namanya “Mary”
Merah bibirnya macam cherry!
Salah pandang macam Halle Berry…

Dia mengajak saya pergi makan angin
[You know, she wants to ‘romance’]
I tanya “Ke mana?”
She said “Kebun bunga”
Ini chance baik I said “Ok, Senorita!”

Tiba di sana si Mary mula-lah posing
She makes badan I sejuk
Terus I shivering
She said “Don’t be afraid my darling”
Saya jawab: “I like this kind of thing..”

Kita pun pergi duduk dekat satu bangku
And then she said “ I love you!”
So then what did I do? I think you pun tahu…
Sudah tentu I kiss the girl bertalu-talu!

Saya pulang ke rumah cukup senang hati
Tapi my wife ternampak lipstick on my pipi

Dia menerkam dan menggigit,
Saya tak malu, terus menjerit!

Perabot IKEA terbang melayang-layang
Menghentam my belakang!
I would like to tanya
Kalau you yang kena
Wife you juga cemburu jadi what will you do?


So guys, check this out.
You know how the girls get jealous?
And if their husbands are too good looking
Then they’re… SO jealous!

Y’know what happened to me the other day?
World War III dudes.
Good thing the bump’s gone down
It was huge, but you can’t see it now.

See at work I got this secretary
Her stats…
Her name is ‘Mary’
Lips a shade of MAC Cherry
At a glance? Halle Berry

She said she needed some air
I asked ‘Where?’
She said ‘The park’
I said ‘Cool’

When we got there, she worked it.
I got the chills, [yes - them multiplying]
She said ‘Don’t be afraid my darling’
I said: ‘Who, ME?’

So, we got to sittin’.
And then, we got to talkin’.
And then she said the L word.
Then I got to taste MAC Cherry ;-)

So I went home with a smile on my face
But the wife caught the lipstick on my cheek
She pounced. She bit.
Okay, I screamed like a girl
[She threw the couch at me man!]

So let me ask you, if you were in my shoes…what would you do?

Saturday, October 8, 2011



I can't remember the last time I had chocolates.
By chocolates I mean pure ones, barred or truffle-like.
Not like Kit-Kat or Snickers or M&Ms..

Seroiusly, at this very moment, I crave for those sweet tasting and delicious Belgian chocolates.
I don't know why, but I'm salivating right now just by seeing the photos @Google.
Maybe this is the effect Cik Asni who loves chocolates gave me.
[This girl is so crazy about chocolates, I wonder how Encik Abdul can top that.. LOL]
Too bad I can't find those mouthwatering Belgian chocolates here in Setiu. [Yup, there's no 7-Eleven here..]

These heavenly delicious chocolates sure look so inviting, don't you think?

FYI, I often have these kind of cravings [not necessarily chocolates].
Especially when I'm about to go home for weekends or school break.
These cravings usually last for one week before I head home.

For example, last month I craved for "Spaghetti Olio".
It's the simplest Italian dish where you only have to saute the spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, seasoning[chicken/anchovy] and dried chillies.
[I added fresh prawns for some 'kick'.]
Simple, but my mother and sister love it.
Abah didn't get to taste it because I only made enough for 2 people to eat. [My first try, so I had no confidence yet. But it turned out ok.]

And the last couple of week, it was "Mee Kari/ Curry Noodles".
Abah+Ma are not big fans of Mee Kari, .. and so am I actually.
But I simply can't explain the craving for it, you know.
Not that I'm pregnant or what.. LOL
Living with friends in a rumah sewa, I think most of you can guess-lah our main dish.
Maggi/Mamee, Gardenia and sometimes nasi air [a.k.a bubur nasi] or laksa from our neighbour's stall.
So that explains, right?

And one more thing, the cravings maybe due to the fact that I don't fancy going out and buy food from the restaurants/gerai.
I prefer to cook my own meal at home.
And if you're wondering whether it's edible or not, that's another story to tell.
LOL! But I'm that bad ok?

Just so you know, if I can have even one piece of Belgian chocolate right now, I'd be damn happy.


Friday, October 7, 2011



Yes, it's here.
The school break is finally here.
Can't really say that I'm happy because I still have to travel to school from home during the school break.
For what?
Hrmmmm.. let's see..

There are extra classes for Year 4,5 and 6.
One-day course on Sunday, 27th of May.
PTK examination on the 6th of June.

So, no need to be jealous just because I have two weeks break.
It's not really cuti anyway.
[I pity my Year 6 kids, they have extra classes on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the break.. kesian kan?]
Till then, have a nice weekend!


Thursday, October 6, 2011



It took me a few text messages by Madame Asni when I finally decided to update here.
Was I busy 'elsewhere'??
Well, not really but partially yes. Hehe.

So many things that I really wanna share here, but right at this very moment, nothing seems to be coming out from my mind.
My fingers just keep on knocking on the keyboard without no specific topic at all.
Perhaps it's better for me to just be the reader this time.
At least during this school holidays.

Being at home is kinda distracting for me,you know..
Why?? THE KITCHEN is always calling out for me. LOL
I spent most of my time baking [if not sleeping in my room..hehe]

This couple of week I managed to bake a good almond tart for my family.
My first attempt,and according to Ma, it was scrumptious. Ehemmm!
Besides that, a chocolate cake [Abah's favourite now] and a horrible-looking-yet-delicious fruit pudding.
Tomorrow insyaAllah it will be either chocolate brownies or chocolate cupcakes.
[Baking gives me satisfaction somehow...]

I've been watching Martha Stewart quite religiously now, so no wonder lah kan?

I guess that's all for now.
A little update from me just to make sure everybody knows I'm still around.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


These days, I just don't feel like writing.. or blogging to be exact.
I rarely visit my friends' blogs too.
And even if I did, no notes were left in the comment box for them to read.. or to know that I 'stopped by' their blog.
This laziness.. has been part of myself lately.
What's with a new year, may I ask?
New resolutions? I don't have any. So does that make me a loser?
I don't 'torture' myself thinking of what I wanna achieve this particular year.
Failure to complete them, will eventually makes me feel like I'm a loser.
IMHO, things should be done gradually.. one thing at a time.
In my own pace.
And why am I sounding so negative, you ask?
Well, today I had to say good-bye to a very, very good collegue.
A teacher..a advisor. He's phenomenal.
Moving to a new place, leaving us all behind.. well, that really changed my mood today.

Monday, September 5, 2011


image digitized by ShambieTKC9600


Alhamdulillah today I finally managed to check my Friendster account.
Usually it's blocked by KPM's Websense.
Maybe today's my lucky day kot.

I don't know why but each time I browse through my Friendster, college spirit 'membuak-buak'.. Hehehehe..
I begin to reminisce the good and bad times I had since I stepped my feet on Bukit Merbah.
It's the place I grew up.
Met friends that are really close and so special in my heart.
They are all irreplaceable.

Please Allah, may our friendship last for eternity.
To all TKCians, and TKC9600 especially, this is for you:
(I wish we have this in mp3 version.. huhuhu..)

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah
Kolej ulung di negara Malaysia
Kami pelajar bersumpah
Akan teguh, patuh memeliharanya

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah
Kolej mulia berjasa
Moga-moga Tuhan memberi rahmatNya


Sunday, August 7, 2011

of being single and young(er).

is it a sin being a single? did i bring any harm to anyone just because i have not settled down? why do i get treated badly just because i'm not married? i've had enough of these sort of double standards already. since working, approximately 4 years ago, being single is like a death sentence to me (and a few friends). i have to attend courses that those who are married did not want to go, simply because they had problems with 'anak²'. and i have to go to meetings because those same people can't make it due to family problem and i have nothing to think about at home. my god!!!! don't us, single people, have our own problems too? it may not be about children or husband or in-laws, but a problem is a problem no matter how you put it. no one is to judge how great or simple a problem is if you're not the one facing it.

me being single is not a choice. this is what we i like to call fate. if i can just pick anyone to be wed, i would have done it years ago! who does not want to be married and start a family? everybody does. it's just that my 'time' is yet to arrive. and for that, i have to be 'punished' by doing stuff that mostly, are supposed to be done together as colleagues. i am trying my best to settle down, to have my own child(ren) et cetera. maybe i should try harder. but in the mean time, cant' they just give me a break, or better yet, treat me equally?

and is it my fault being born late? and start working when i'm only in my early 20s? me being young [if not the youngest..], is that a ticket for anyone not to show some respect to me? in this day and age, i believe in equality. in order to be respected by everyone, you have to respect others too. i have done my part, the best that i can [i.e respecting my superiors], but why can't they show me some respect too? when they give orders, can't they talk in a softer tone? and show some nice facial expression once in a while.. is that so hard to do? a simple and honest gesture means a lot to anyone.

i know we can't stay young forever. i am already 25 (ouch!!), and that's not young anymore. but being the junior in my workplace, plus a single one too, i don't think i get respected for being me. i maybe younger, but i work like everyone too. so don't i deserve a little bit of respect? can't older people respect their juniors?

these are some of the reasons why i really want to fly away from my workplace. even though it's the best compared to my friends', but i'm afraid i can't handle this kind of pressure anymore. i am, intentionally or not, being DISCRIMINATED just because i am (still) single and young(er).

or, to ease my pain, shall i just find a husband right away?

Thursday, July 7, 2011



Sometimes I don't really understand LIFE.
Why should it be so difficult to understand?
Why must it bring sadness and confusion to me when all I need is PEACE?
Why, oh why??

These past few weeks I've been trying hard to be joyous.
To show my happy face to everyone..
I fought with my own emotion..trying to forget the sadness.
And the GUILT.

But in the end what good does that give me?
None. Nothing at all.

Perhaps I should be CRUEL this time around.
I should stop caring..
Because by showing that I care, I only make matters worse.
So ironic, don't you think?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


thank you.

dear miss b,

thank you for your time and wise words.
i'm glad we had the talk just now.
it felt great to let out to someone what's been bugging me.
i'll always remember your advice and opinions, sis.
thanks again and take care..

♥ hugs ♥

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



i think this blog is turning out to sort of like my personal diary.
haha. should i make this private?
i'm not someone who'll confront and say what i feel.
so the feeling goes here. for now, it's definite.


p/s: i know you're happy, but is it a MUST to brag about it?

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
Alhamdulillah, Salhi Khaiessa Ahmad who has been missing for the past few weeks, was found well and healthy in Kuantan Hospital.
Apparently someone had found him wondering around and decided to send him to the hospital.

This good news was informed by my best friend, fQrl just now.
I was not aware that there was a blog created by Yie's friends as soon as they heard the news about him missing.
Anyways, to have such caring friends like them is a blessing, indeed.
Your effort guys, hanya Allah dapat membalasnya. :)
Please click here for more details.

The thought of Yie going all the way to Kuantan worries me, somehow.
I really can't imagine how he ended up in Kuantan alone.

Syukur Alhamdulillah though, every thing's okay now.
And by now, he must've been with his family already.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011



According to my blogspot count, this entry will be my 121st..
Cheisss.. from March 2005 until June 2007 with this account, that's all I came up with?
I guess I'm not much of a writer as I always want to be.

I was blog hopping just now and saw a blog that reminded me of my first one.
Yeah, to those who only knew me from this blog, I actually started blogging since 2004.
9th june 2004 to be precise.
That blog though, I reckon it was a sort of 'dedication' to someone that used to be quite special to me.
(Get your facts correct now my dear friends, he was not my bf. I just adored him, that's all.)

(click on the picture to visit my old blog.)

I don't know why I felt this sudden urge to pay a visit to my old 'home'.
Reading some of the entries I posted there when I was still a student.
Hahahahaha. I felt 3 years younger all of a sudden.
You know, reading about my crush and all.
How I came up with poems for him et cetera.
But I'm so over him by now,okay? Seriously.
(But not the other one... hahahahaha..)

Why blogging?
That's one helluva question..
I guess my MAIN reason is to get my brain working.
You see, unlike some people who can write straight from their mind, I have to think before I write.
I've to think A LOT.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying y'all don't think before you write.
We all do.
But I'm a grammar freak, and a spelling freak.
So I double, or triple checked my entries before I post them.

Once, I told Kak Ruby how I really wanted to write as good as her.
Alas, I still have a long way to go judging from the 'frequency' of my posts.
I don't write that much in order to be on a par with her.
I always get jealous (in a good way-lah) with people who write so well.
I think they are gifted.

But blogging is not just about writing or updating stuff about my oh-so-boring life.

I made friends.
Though some of which I may only contact via this cyberspace, but they are my friends nonetheless.
And I love them as much.
From blogging I get to know these special people and a lot more that are beyond description.

♥ ♥ ♥
Kak Ruby.
A great woman, so full of life and young at heart.

Abe Id.
A great man, so full of life and young at heart.

I like his straight forward-ness. (if there's such a word lah.)

Mr Incognito.
I learn a lot for this 'anonymous' guy.

Kak pB.
She's like an older sister to me, I think I can talk about almost everything with her.

Extraordinary. (Oh, is he that incredible?) Hehehehe..
♥ ♥ ♥

In the end, I think blogging have done good to me.
So I think I'll write more in the future..


Monday, May 9, 2011



According to Blogger, this is my 145th entry for this blog.
Hrmmmmm.. that shows my so called 'enthusiasm' to write.
Only that much in three years of blogging here.

Anyway, today is the Merdeka Celebration @my school.
Just now we had our short assembly..
The kids sang a few songs and as for your truly, the duty never change.
I'm the 'honourable photographer' of the day..
[am using the digital camera not DSLR like 'some people'.. LOL]

Achik asked me to write about my trip to Langkawi.
[Hehehehhehe.. that bad kan? I have to have people remind me to update!! LOL]
Well, to cut the story short, the experience was a mixture of bitter+sweet memories.
Why? Wasn't I supposed to be enjoying myself there?
Well, I did not.

On the other hand, let me tell you the whole story lah.
Since I don't have any topics to say for now.

I actually looked for some infos on the hotel before I went to Langkawi.
The first impression..well enough said that it brought smiles to me..
Nice architecture, picturesque scenery,beautiful rooms et cetera.
Seeing that got me so excited.. but at the same time I did prepare myself in case things differ from what they appeared to be.

From the ferry, as we were reaching the Jetty Point, I could see the hotel from afar.
And yes, it looked exactly like what I saw in the website.
Something like this :

Nice isn't it?
It somehow reminded me of the castles in the Fairy Tales..
Cinderella, Snow White et cetera..
But in reality it's definitely not that..

I mean.. yes..the building was beautiful and all..
But what got us all disappointed was the service and hotel management.
We were informed at the lobby that the hotel did not have enough rooms for us.


From the supposedly 2 persons per room, we were given some apartments.
10-12 pax each apartment.
Rasa macam rumah kongsi pun ada!!

As soon as we got into the apartment, came another shocking 'discovery'..
Carlsberg bucket was in the living room..
And the room was FILTHY..TOTAL MESS.
Our disappointment was beyond words.. come on lah kan, they should at least ask the housekeeping to tidy+clean up the room before giving us the key.

And you think that's bad enough?
Wait till you read this..

The next morning there was no water in our apartments!!

That's insanely ridiculous, right?
Something that's unacceptable for me..
Do tell me what you think.. can we accept that kind of service?

Even so, I managed to get something for my family,friends and myself too.
And besides the interesting Cable Car ride and shopping, I think nothing in Langkawi interests me.
Being there, I felt as if I was in Pengkalan Kubor or Rantau Panjang..
With makcik-makcik buying pinggan mangkuk periuk belanga and all..
Hehehehehe.. the only difference is the development lah..
Back in PK & RP we don't have Starbucks or Kenny Roger's or Sembonia Boutique et cetera..

I bought lots and lots of chocolates there. [yes, puan asni.. I did..]
And a handbag+purse+necklace pour moi.

In a nutshell, the trip was only okay for me.
Not that exciting.
Then again, maybe it's the company..
Afterall, I went there with the Puteris of UMNO kan.. LOL
[Pa'chik menjeling tajam... hehehehehehe..]
Maybe it would be a different experience if I went there with my family or friends.


Sunday, May 8, 2011



A fresh new look today from me as I promised, Puan Asni.
Hehehehehe.. so how do you like my new layout?
Do leave some opinions,okay?
And that goes to everyone reading this.

Actually there are still some errors that I need to amend.
(am referring to posts: "ANGRY!!" and "SENSEI!")
I still can't figure out why the background turned out to be like that.
Just close one eye-lah will you?

Credits to Miss Shambijoux for the "FTP LESSONS" via phone yesterday.
It helped me a lot!!
Hence this new layout came about with much less troubles.

Oh, will post again later.
As Dr So'od likes to put it, today's entry is 'pendek ketot'..




The General Election is finally over and we've all knew the results.
Some were happy with the results, while others perhaps had been crying since last Saturday wondering what went wrong.
Am I making you bored with this topic?
Hehehehehehe.. as I said before, politic excites me nowadays.
I love talking about it and sometimes debate with the 'opposition' believer.

If not handled 'professionally', these talks about politic might end up as a fight due to the clash of understanding.
This happened to yours truly yesterday, during the 1 hour break between the PTK papers.
I was talking to this kakak who is a true-blue believer.
The problem is that, she only wanted me to listen and accept her opinion and refused to listen to mine.
Though I provided the rationales and sources of my 'story', she kept getting under my nerves.
Hence to prevent further 'damages' to our conversation, I called up Abah, asking about Adik's SPM results [which was better than mine! huhu]..

It's refreshing to know that the people still RULE the country.

I'm keeping my hopes high for the positive changes in the near future.
This election results are the EYE-OPENER to both parties, the government and the opposition [or as DSAI likes to put it as "Alternative Government" or "Government-in-Waiting"].
For the government to work harder and more transparent, in order to win back the people's hearts.
And for the opposition to work even harder, to prove that the people weren't wrong when they decided to vote for them.


Glad to call him MY leader.


Friday, May 6, 2011



Felt as if I've been leaving this blog for ages.. LOL
Well, truth be told, when blogs become partially blocked now, that affects my enthusiasm to write.
Not that there weren't any issues to be brought up and shared, actually it's the other way around.
But I wasn't just in the mood to blog.

Anyways, I have mixed feelings now.

Confused. Sad. Scared.Relieved.

There are just so many things happening at the same time.
Well, I better not think.. tomorrow insyaAllah I'm going home.
My nephews Hasif,Haziq,Nuqman and my one and only niece, Fatimah are surely the cure to all those feelings I'm having.
With them, I''ll only feel one thing :


Kids... Chik is coming home tomorow!! :D


Thursday, May 5, 2011



Just finished downloading 5 Malay songs from Top10mp3download.
This blog is currently one of my favourites.
I even downloaded Dafi's latest single!
Yup, that's how boring I am today.

Hence, I decided to blog hop whilst downloading and listening to the mp3s.

At last, I made up my mind to do the meme in Wan's blog.
Yeah, I'm that boring at this very moment!!
{and also to 'menyahut seruan' Tok Mudin + Achik to update..}

First Name - Nur Hafiza
Nickname - Fiz, Fizzy, Fiza, Fiz9, Fowler (seriously!), Nur, Chik
Name you wish you had - Am satisfied with my name.
What do people normally mistake your name - Nur Hafizah Hassan.
Birthday - 14 May 1983 [am I old??]
Birthplace - Kg Kutan Hulu, Wakaf Bharu.
Time of Birth - erkkk.. can't remember.
Single or taken - Single.
Zodiac sign - Taurus


How tall are you - 167cm
Wish you were taller - yup! but then, it's fine..
Eye color - very dark brown.
Eye color you want - won't change.. I like it just the way it is.
Natural Hair Colour - black.
Current Hair Colour - black.
Short or long hair - shoulder length
Ever dye your hair a bizarre colour - nope and never.
Curly,Straight,Wavy - wavy.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - never.. cutting it short is not that dramatic, right?
Glasses or contacts - none, alhamdulillah 20-20.. :D
Do you wear make-up
- not for this couple of weeks.. damn jerawat!! huhuhuhu..
Ever had hair extensions - never had one and won't have one.
Paint your nails - never. never will.


What color eyes - long as they're sexy in my eyes. *chuckles*
What color hair - his natural hair colour.
Shy or Outgoing - both and balanced.
Looks or personality - personality. .if he looks really good, I'll feel insecure.haha.
Sexy or Cute - sexy.. am not into cute boys..
Serious or Fun - know when to be serious and when to have fun.
Older or Younger than you - Older plish! Or at least the same age. Again I'll feel insecure if he's younger.
A turn on - Kelantanese. Well dressed. Makes more than me [economically..]
A turn off - Perokok tegar.. [at least he must have a WILL to stop]. Hairy-chested??


Flowers or Chocolate - flowers
Pepsi or Coke - pepsi
Rap or Rock - erkk..neither
Relationship or One night stand -definitely a relationship.
School or Work - school is work in my case! hahaha..
Love or Money - both.
Movies or Music - both.
Country or City - country.
Sunny or Rainy days - rainy days.
Friends or Family - family first, then friends.


Lied - I'd be lying if I said no.
Stole something - from dining hall during SPM week? hahahaha..
Smoked - never..
Hurt someone close to you - yup.. my parents.. with my SPM results.
Broke someone’s heart - nope, because I've never been in love in order to break a heart.
Had your heart broken - yes.. one-sided love is the cause.
Wondered what was wrong with you - all the times.
Wish you were a prince/princess - nope, I live in REALITY.
Liked someone who was taken - hahahahha..of course.
Shaved your head - of course NOT.
Been in love - never.. can you believe it? now I'm being pathetic..ok, next question!
Used chopsticks - yes.
Sang in the mirror to yourself - nope.
Ever cried over someone - I have.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - my weight?!. hahhaha
Do you think you’re attractive - not physically..
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose -'s not a fairytale, sadly.
Do you play any sports -used to play volleyball.


Flower - Lilies!!
Candy - minty ones..
Song - currently; Aizat's "Hanya Kau Yang Mampu"
Scent - The Bodyshop's Neroli Jasmine.
Colour - purple and pink?!
Movie - Shawshank Redemption.
Singer - Michael Buble
Words - "If you think you can, YOU CAN!"
Junk food - Twisties
Website -,, :D
Lotion - I rarely use lotion..but if I do it has to be The Bodyshop's Strawberry.
Anime - not into anime, so I don't have a favourite.

* * * * *

Penat seih~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Assalamualaykum, people.

A shout out to my best friend Cik Asni who's now legally a Cik Puan.


The akad nikah was held around 9pm @Cik Puan Asni's house on the 1st of June.
Both Asni and Abg Asib were surprisingly so calm that night .
And Alhamdulillah, with one lafaz, Cik Puan Asni became Mrs. Asib. =)
Some TKC and UIA friends who attended the akad nikah, shed happy tears upon seeing the couple finally joined together in a Holy matrimony.
I was one of them.

A funny (but so sweet) thing happened that night.
I shall not elaborate, let's leave you in a curiousity.
[Cik Puan Asni, perhaps you can elaborate in your blog later? la la la..]

The next day, a kenduri took place.
Photography session was hectic, especially with us TKCians around. LOL
Thank God we didn't broke the pelamin. :D
But it was so wonderful seeing the couple.
Still shy, but so loving I thought I could almost see their love shining through their eyes that day.

Another amazing thing that day was the fact that my friends and I had a sort of little TKC9600 reunion among us.
Seeing faces that I haven't met since my last day in TKC.
And meeting a friend that I missed so dearly.
To Shambie, Aboon, Aliza, Adrin, Shaxu, Idya, Atie, Feiyah, Baini, Haida, Marr, Firah, Anis, Inamadz, Wan, Kiau and Jaja.. you guys ROCK!!

Now, how about some photos?

♥ ♥ ♥

Last day as Cik Asni.

The hantaran from Asni's side

Akad Nikah in process.


Raja Sehari

Merenung masa depan bahagia? Aminnn~

Asni and her shoulder to cry on.

Mr and Mrs Asib

♥ ♥ ♥

Asni's wedding left something special in my heart.
Maybe because I felt so involved in her journey to her new life as a wife.
From her engagement ceremony until the wedding, I was so glad to be a part of them.
And Cik Puan Asni, if you're reading this, thanks for the lovely experience+memories you gave me throughout the journey.
The happiness and sadness, laughters and cries and stories that we shared.
Those were the things that money can't buy and time can't erase.
FYI, these past few days had been so meaningful and wonderful to me.
I wish you well in your new life as Mrs. Asib.
Many happy years ahead.
Take care my friend, and good luck!


Monday, May 2, 2011

bad friend

lately i'm feeling like i'm such a bad friend.
i got so irritated with stuff i shouldn't be.
perhaps because i always think that life is so unfair.
how come people can have all the luxury to be in the place they are now?
while i'm stuck with the same old routine each day.
nothing excites me. (except for the fact that i'm going for a trip next month)

do i need a new hobby?
to forget the happy and joyful life other people lead?

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



My previous post dated January 29th.
LOL.. I haven't been blogging here for exactly a month!
Good job, fizzy! Good job!
Pa'chik hasn't been bugging me to update [perhaps he gave up doing that all the time! haha..], that's one of the reasons why no updates whatsoever from yours truly.

I also promised Achik I'd change my layout, but I have yet to find time to waste in order to do that.
Perhaps soon.. hopefully soon.
Reading Ms Istanbul's entries, they really made my heart smiles..
I'm happy for you! :)
And oh! I envy you for getting the VIP seat for the football game. :|
FYI, I'm a true Liverpool fan.. :D

At this very moment, I'm still struggling managing my time so that work can be completed accordingly.
I'm already wayyyyyyyyyy behind schedule for some work which got me really tensed.
My kids come second nowadays because of the stuff that we,teachers,have to do.
But blame my terrible time management, I just couldn't keep up sometimes.

The coming General Election is making me excited all over.
I can't wait to cast my vote on March 8th at my old primary school.
It's my FIRST GE,and political stuff really excites me now. LOL
Almost everyone is talking about changes right now.
I doubt that will happen in this coming GE,.. but Allah knows best. ;)
IMHO, the election SYSTEM itself needs severe REVAMP.
After we have a FAIR and JUST voting system, then only we can dream of having a change.
Am I being biased? Or obvious?

Well, it's just my humble sepuluh sen worth of thought

Saturday, April 9, 2011

of English and me~


Being an English teacher, people [especially parents], always ask me this particular question:

"How do we/our children become good in English?"

That's one helluva trickiest question to answer, I might say.
Because I don't think I'm good in the language at all.
But my answer is always simple and the same to everyone.
You've got to love the language.

Don't think of it as an alien language, especially these days when English is used everywhere and anywhere.
Even if you're watching Datuk Yusof Haslam's "Sembilu ", the subtitle is in English.
Or the cartoons.
In a way, we are learning the language without realizing it.

When my housemates asked me how did I end up being an English teacher, I told them I had great teachers inspiring me since I was in primary school.
Teacher Zabedah, Teacher Ong, Mr Thank Swee Hong, Mrs Hiew.
And when I went to Tunku Kurshiah, I was taught by Mr Pillay, Mr Shamser, Puan Hafizah.
They were equally great.
When I was doing my diploma, I had a group of inspiring lecturers like Puan Ros Amisha, Puan Rozanah, Puan Azizah, Puan Aziah, Puan Umai, Miss Ong and Mr Joseph.
They taught me as a student, advised me like I was their own child and hang out with me like I was one of their friends.
So, how can I not be inspired by all of them?

And as I was watching a show @ E! [Astro channel 76], I thought of another reason why I developed a liking in the language.

I grew up with it.

I've always love watching TV series, even until now.
And back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were loads of shows that I liked.
To name a few..,

And when I was in primary school, I was Tommy Page's die hard fan,you know?!
I remembered waiting for his "Time" or "A Shoulder To Cry On" music video when I got back home right after school. *giggles*

You may laugh, but I don't think my students listen to any English songs at all.
I don't know what went wrong, but the only nursery rhyme that they are familiar with is "Twinkle² Little Star".
They don't know "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "London Bridge", "If You're Happy" etc.
My school was in a kampung too, for Goodness sake, if that's their excuse for not being exposed to the songs/rhymes.
Or maybe the current curriculum is to be blamed?
My lips are sealed.~

The most important thing is what you read.
It's a great way to learn, be it English or anything at all.
Don't you think so?
I have my father to thank when it comes to developing my interest in reading English stuff.
Though Abah doesn't read much English, but he bought me a Sidney Sheldon for my UPSR gift.
And that was my first time reading an English book/novel that's an inch thick.

Please don't get me wrong, this entry was not meant to 'mengagung-agungkan' English.
But being in the education field, especially in the current curriculum, English knowledge is vital.
I pitied my little kids that had to struggle learning Science and Mathematics in English when their skills in the language is not to be proud of.

I pray that Allah will give me the strength.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Actually I don't have anything to say..
I have mixed feelings at this very moment.
Hmmmmm..let me update you about my dull life these past few days, my boring life right now and my soon to be uninteresting life in the future.


Thursday, 10th of May 2007
- I planned to go home early today, only to be told that there would be a programme for the Year Six kids later in the afternoon. Damn. The programme started at 2.30 p.m and lasted for 2 whole hours. Then I had to accompany the facilitator for tea and whatnot, drove back to Kelantan at approximately 5.30 p.m.
-I arrived home when the Muazin called the Muslims for Maghrib prayers. (maybe it was my Abah, I still can't recognize his voice when he Azan..)
-Fatigue and a headache. I went to bed early, hence missed my friend Idya's birthday. (sorry,babe.. hope you had a joyous one!)

Friday, 11th of May 2007
-Got a call from UPM. =( I was told that I was THE ONLY one from Kota Bharu that qualified for their Bachelor in TESL programme (long distance learning). Sad to say they need at least 3 people to open a class. I felt numb the moment I heard that. Devastated,frustrated, dumbstrucked. All in one.
-Ma reminded me that I had to send Adik for her tuition class @12.45.
-Went online around 10a.m and read Pa'chik and Mr Incognito's blog. Mr I added me on YM and we chatted that morning. Man, was I inspired!
-Sent Adik for her tuition around 12.30, after my Ma's nagging.. LOL (I got carried away with YM and blogs..)
-Picked up Adik and we went to Shambie's. She wanted to have a photoshoot session of the stuff she's selling at her online store. I envied Shambie dearly, for being so creative.

Saturday, 12th of May 2007
-Struggled to finish up the "Buku Laporan Mengajar Harian".. I promised Asni to be at her house around 2p.m.
-Arrived at Asni's around 3p.m. Shambie was already there. Chatted, gossiped a little bit while eating Asni's healthy chocolate cake. LOL
-From 3p.m to 6.30 p.m, Asni,Shambie,Umi (Asni's mom) and me only managed to finish ONE hantaran. ROTFL.
-Received an advance birthday gift from the lovely Cik Asni. She made me another healthy chocolate cake. The topping I had to make it myself. LOL. (Thanks, love..that's so sweet of you! Though your cake is not that sweet.. hehehehehe..)
-Watched "Selimut Putih" on TV3 and I cried. It's a drama about anak² derhaka. SEDIH!!!!!



Sunday, 13th of May 2007
-I woke up at 4.50a.m, took a nice, cold shower, and then a cup of coffee. Asked Abah to reverse my car before he and Ma went to the mosque.
-Subuh @5.45 a.m and then started driving to work. Stopped at BCB for some cash, went to Shell and gave my car a FULL tank. Singgah rumah sewa, to leave my luggage and other stuff before I go to school.
-Finished some work @the office, and my Boss gave me an advance birthday present. (Kak pB, this time rasa marah lupa..segan laa pulok!).
-At this very moment, I'm updating my blog (after finishing all the classes for today) and waiting for my friend. We'll be going to Marang for a meeting.



-I'll be 24 in less than 24 hours. Dang!



p/s: will add some pictures later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mahsuri !!!

Back to blogging again, after a weekend full of rest.

Last week I thought I read in Cik Asni's blog that she and Yani can't seem to remember their House Song. (Selindang Delima a.k.a Green House.)
Well, before I go on and boast around with my House Song(s), just a quick info for those who don't know about our school.

Red House is Mahsuri.
Blue House is Tun Fatimah.
Yellow House is Siti Zawiah.
And Green House is Selindang Delima.


Mahsuri, Mahsuri..
Rumah Merah yang kupuja
Disanjung pada setiap masa
Berbakti dengan setia hingga kita berjaya
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Ahli-ahli Rumah Mahsuri
Tetap taat berbakti
Bergotong-royong setiap hari
Majulah Rumah Mahsuri

Bendera Mahsuri tetap selalu berkibar
Majulah dalam semua lapangan
Gagal mesti ditentang, jangan berputus asa..
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Come Mahsurians, up Mahsurians
Let's keep our flags fly up high
Victory's our destination,
That's the fact we can't deny

So let us all get together
Don't be sorry if we lose
Let's be joyful, it'll be better
So now forward we must push

Come Mahsurians, that's the spirit
That's the spirit we must keep
Never be shy to take defeat
Rise again and take the lead.

From the lounge of Block D Mahsuri
To the court of TKC
We present our team with dignity
And we hope that we will win

And we hope to see the glory
Of the team called Mahsuri
We are the Mahsurians are proud of you
Come on you girls, on your feet!


There you go, Asni, Yani and fellow 9600..
My House Songs.. =D



To me, I'm a terrible decision maker.
I do things when time is almost running out.
People closest to me [especially my colleagues + boss], are well aware of this bad quality of mine.

On a different note, I'm getting better at making things worse these days.
But heck, I'm a different person now [I wish!!!]..
I am selfish, cruel and couldn't care less of what's happening around me.
As long as I'm happy, I'm happy.. [on the outside at least.]
Come to think of it, that's just another bad quality I've acquired, kan?

Getting back to the topic, I'm beginning to consider closing down this account @blogspot.
As much as I love my identity "fizhasan", I'm suffocating now.
I can't breathe here anymore.. and my mind is getting numb each day.
Perhaps I shouldn't reopen after the short hiatus status last time.

But still, I looooooooooove writing.
This passion I have for writing, no one can ever take it away.
Hence this blog is the place for me to let out my feelings.
[This is the downside of being single+available, ok people? Should I have a boyfriend, he might end up dead deaf by now listening to me whining.. huhu~]

However, it is still in my consideration.
I might close down this 'premise', but InsyaAllah I won't disappear in this blogosphere.
It is afterall, THE place where I got to know loads and loads of unforgettable, extraordinary and special people like:

and the list goes on..

They have all touched my heart in their own special kind of ways.
Up to a point that I felt like I've known them for ages.

Yes, I am terribly confused now.
But no, I don't think I felt a pang of guilt anymore.
I've just turned into the virtual version of "Cruella De Vil".


Friday, April 1, 2011

of single dads and 'duda'..

i was planning to post about something serious at first, but the mood to talk about stuff like that is just not there tonight. so, same like the previous post, i'll justwrite an entry about some entertainment-related stuff now..just to lighten up the gloomy days i'm in nowadays.. now,shall we.. ?! *lol*

people closest to me might know this about yours truly : I AM CRAZY ABOUT KOREAN DRAMAS! and after a few years watching numerous dramas and movies from S.Korea.. i fell in love with almost everything about the country.. its culture, language and handwriting, music and the list goes on.

anyway, after years of watching these dramas.. there are a few of them that potray characters of single dads and duda [divorced man].. but they don't do justice-lah i think.. in ALL the dramas, ALL the single dads and duda are EXTREMELY hot!! i mean, does it make sense when these so-good-looking guys [just to show a few] are single dads or duda[s]?

[Oh Ji Ho in 'Single Dad in Love']

[Kim Seong Su in 'Bad Love']

[Ryu Jin in 'Mom's Dead Upset']

being 'in love' with korean dramas, i tend to have this kind of perception that ALL single dads or duda are to-die-for!! they are extremely hot and very successful in life. silly me, kan? rotflol. if only life is just as the dramas that i've watched. it'll sure be so colorful..

oh, and just to be fair.., hollywood's not any different. these are miss b's favourite single dad + duda.. lol.. [sorry i dragged you into this too,sis ;)] we need a break from all the stress we've been dealing lately. cheers!

[single dad Agent Seeley Booth a.k.a David Boreanaz in 'Bones']

[divorced Dr Derek Shepherd a.k.a Patrick Dempsey in 'Grey's Anotomy']

so, anyone knows any HOT single dads or duda out there? tell him i said hi.


Monday, March 7, 2011



A fresh new look from me. :)
Been wanting to use this template long ago, but I just couldn't find the time to edit the html codes et cetera.

So, people.. next time if I stop updating for quite a some time, then you guys should know why-lah.
It's either because I'm bored of the layout/template..
Or I blog somewhere else. ;)

Wassalam~'s my new template look like? nice or not...? :D

Friday, March 4, 2011



Last night, while chit-chatting with my sister I was shocked to hear from the news that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's brother had passed away.
Pardon my ignorance, as I was not aware of the incident happened to his younger brother last week.
I was later informed by my sister of what happened resulting Allahyarham in coma for approximately 7 days.

The news got me thinking.. it silenced me for a while.
We as humans have definitely no idea of what to happen in the future.
Fate Allah has written clearly proved its truth.

MasyaAllah, I dare not think of how their mother [especially] must have felt.
As she was thinking about Dr Muszaphar's safety, suddenly a tragedy happened to her other son and causing death some more?
My deep condolences to all of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's family..sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
I do hope that they'll be strong in order to overcome this trial.

Let's all recite Al-Fatihah to the deceased, Allahyarham Sheikh Mustafa Shukor Al-Masrie Sheikh Mustapha.
Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang² beriman.


-29th October 2007
At approximately 10.00 a.m. today, I received another devastating news.

A colleague of mine who had just gave birth to a baby boy on 2 Syawal lost her only son this morning.
Allahyarham was only managed to be around for 15 days and all that while he was in the ICU in HUSM, not within his parents and family's embrace.
According to my other colleague, the baby died in his mother's arm.. :(
Again, Al-Fatihah to the baby.. :((

relieved. i've completed third semester.

Alhamdulillah, the last paper I sat for the final exam this evening, I think I did fair.
Not as confident as I was during the mid-semester exam, but at least I could answer the questions.
Hopefully the lecturers would give me marks, at least for the effort I put in. LOL
Now that final examination is over, I think I could start blogging on a regular basis now.

I feel like making a "to-do" list right now..of all the things I should do now that I'm MERDEKA.
So, here goes nothing.. ;)

  1. watch movies/k-dramas [downloaded by BFF a.k.a Shambie]
  2. download songs to refresh my playlist. [and yeah, I'm thinking of downloading Korean songs!]
  3. make kimchi - korean pickled cabbage - on weekend, at home
  4. plan KL and/or Penang trip(s) for year-end holidays [free Hangeul class @ Korean Plaza]
  5. make "me2day" [Korean's equivalent to "Twitter"] tutorial for my k-pop friends.
  6. print out notes on korean language - Hangeul - to be studied SERIOUSLY
Did I just annoyed my readers about all the Korean-related stuff in the list?
Heheheheh.. that's intentional, as I am taking it very seriously now.
Nowadays it's not just about watching Korean dramas or eating Korean food, but it's beyond that for me.
Alhamdulillah I can now read and write Hangeul, and I can cook simple Korean dish, but I'm taking it a step higher. 
I want to be able to understand the language too and learn more about their culture.

Coz I'm going to Seoul next year!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I arrived @work safely today Alhamdulillah.
Yeah, while most of you are still in your comforter this morning, yours truly was already on the road.
Driving almost 2 hours non-stop.

Well, back to business.
This entry is meant to promote my batch's website. Or weblog.
Please have a peek at tkc nine six zero zero dot shambijoux dot com.
That is our current url.. [our own dot com is coming soon!]
And below is the screenshot of our weblog/website.
We are currently using WordPress' layout as Shambie the Administrator is super-busy.
She had come up with a splendid and customized layout design for our web but that has to wait-lah for a while.

There are only 2 posts there for the time being.
One of which I copied+pasted from my own blog..
And the features are not all ready.
But InsyaAllah, they'll be updated one by one soon.

Wassalam and have a great weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

4th Birthday.


Today(2oth Dec) is my nephew's birthday.
His 4th birthday.
May Allah bless my beloved Muhammad Hasif Hilman.



Monday, February 7, 2011

Ramadhan 1428


And Alhamdulillah..
For this year Allah has granted us another chance to perform our ibadah [fasting]..
To start off this holy month of Ramadhan, I'd like to apologize to everyone reading this blog.
Sorry if I've wronged you in any way..
Purposely or vice versa.
Please find it in your heart to forgive all my wrong doings.

"These days of, the month of Ramadān, wherein the Qur'ān was revealed, from the Preserved Tablet to the earthly heaven on the Night of Ordainment [laylat al-qadr] from Him, a guidance (hudan, 'a guidance', is a circumstantial qualifier), guiding away from error, for the people, and as clear proofs, lucid verses, of the Guidance, the rulings that guide to truth, and, of, the Criterion, that discriminates between truth and falsehood.."

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa...