Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Dihimpit dicengkam rindu ini
Gerimis duka ku
Menggamit kenangan silam
Resah dan pilu menghampiri

Sunyinya malamku kelam
Pedih kemelut cinta
Dingin kelu bicara
Tuk mengungkap rindu

Sayang ku mungkir pada kejujuranmu
Menolak segala bahgia dihadapanku
Kasihku mungkir pada kata janjiku
Berlari aku jauh dari cintamu
Ku kesali

Dihanyut dilambung ombak lara
Sepiku berkelana
Melayari jiwa nestapa
Menggagahi rasa kesayuan

Leburlah harapan cinta
Namun kesetiaanmu
Kugenggam bagai hukuman
Mengheret langkahku

Maafkan daku
Kekasih hati cinta kita berakhir
Maafkan daku
Kerna ku memungkirinya

Maafkan daku
Kekasih hati cinta jadi begini
Maafkan daku
Ku mungkir bahagia



Now that's one sad love song, isn't it?
I rekindle my love for this song after the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu.
Hazami did well with his intrepetation of the song, which made me cried a little. :(

Hrmmm...lately I've been hearing a lot about break-ups too..
And coming from people who are close to me, I didn't really know how to react.
I didn't know what was I supposed to tell them?
How to ask them to be patient in the nicest or most appropriate way..

News 1
A few days back, I received a text message from my best buddy, H, saying that his relationship with a friend of mine ended.
I felt sad for H, because I was hoping that they'll end up together one day.
I love both of them, and I think they complete each other.
But I'm glad H took it well, saying that they weren't meant to be together in the first place.
[I understand his reason, but it's better to be left unsaid here. Too personal.]

News 2
My housemate, Y, told me a shocking news.
Putus tunang. How sad is that?
They have been engaged for more than 2 years.
Orang tua-tua kata, bertunang jangan lama-lama.
In this case I sympathized Y because she had to learn this the hard way.
But knowing Y, I personally think the break-up was for the better.
Her ex-fiance had never portrayed himself like a husband would-be.
i.e, caring for my housemate when she was sick, wishing her birthday, getting to know her parents better, getting to know her friends better, share his problems with her etc.
All he did was making Y cried alone in her heart.
Don't you agree with me? That the break-up was a better option for her?

News 3
But the saddest of all was a message from my brother, telling me about his friend who passed away because of leukimia.
His friend, Allahyarham Rafizul Elmi a.k.a Ali (STAR 9296) is my senior's husband.
The whole of last week, my friends and I had been keeping in touch with each other to share the sad news.
I really can't find the right words to say to her, but we strongly hope that K. Nani (TKC 9296) will get through this dugaan dari Allah dengan hati yang tabah.

But I envy H&Y.
That may sound selfish or rather harsh, or unappropriate, but frankly, I'm jealous.
Because, albeit the fact that they have broken up, at least they have been in love.
Once, twice, or in H's case, more than that.
Then again, it's just me being pathetic.


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