Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maulidur Rasul


Yesterday our school had a Maulidur Rasul celebration.
(Am not too sure if the use of 'celebration' is appropriate. Any other suggestions of a verb?)
The celebration was quite late actually, as yesterday was already the last day of Rabiul Awal.
Praise be to Allah, everything went well even though the students were in chaos after the second slot ended sooner than it was supposed to be.

At approximately 8.30 a.m the kids berarak around the school while reciting the selawat.
They were in their best clothes and with banners and all.
I think they enjoyed everything that is not related to lessons in their classrooms.
Don't we all when we were in school??

The second slot was a ceramah by an Ustaz from Pejabat Agama Daerah Setiu.
(I can't remember his name..)
He did a splendid job I must say, because all of the students were quiet and well-behaved throughout his ceramah.
Maybe he knew how to tackle the kids' attention.
He did include Q&A, quizzes and jokes in his ceramah.
So the students weren't bored with his speech.

Then the kids had a "khat" contest for Level 2 and colouring contest for Level 1.
I didn't get to watch the kids showing their Jawi-writing and colouring skills, as I was preparing for the last slot of the celebration.
So no pictures of them 'in action'.

I was in charge of the movie show yesterday.
The kids watched "Muhammad The Last Prophet" a.k.a "Muhammad Utusan Terakhir".
It was an animation actually, and frankly I think it was very interesting.
The dialogues are in Bahasa, therefore my students had no problems understanding the story or our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).
The only problem was their concentration.

I now realize that watching a 90 minutes movie/animation is a CHALLENGE for the students, especially the little ones.
But Alhamdulillah, some of the students did learn something from the story.
I wish Malaysians can come up with this kind of story in the future.
It's a good and easier way for our kids to learn about Islam.
(My students sangat lah malas datang kelas Fadhu Ain! So this somehow helps them learn what they missed in their Sirah class.)

Phewww, I sound like an Ustazah, right? =D
(Apa salahnya once in a while perasan..)
Till then, wassalam..~

Let's Get Patriotic!

When I first got the news that I was going to be posted here in Terengganu, SETIU to be exact, some of my friends got mixed up.
Some thought Setiu was in Perak! (WTH kan?? LOL. )
Well, truth be told I have this 'thing' against Terengganu, you know.
It's unexplainable, giving thought that my Abah was born in Terengganu.. [Jerteh..]
So that means, in a way, I'm half Terengganu kan? hehehehe..
But I'm loving it, as Setiu is not that far from Kelantan.

Well, actually today's post was merely to share this particular song called "Setiuku" that we had to sing during our Teacher's Day celebration yesterday.
Laugh all you may but it shows how much I 'love' LOVE this district in Terengganu called SETIU. (gulp!)


Lahirnya di bumi Terengganu
Setiu daerah bongsu
Bangkit dalam deru
Bergerak menuju maju

Dari pantai sampai ke gunung
Nelayan petani mengukir senyum
Membina kemakmuran
Generasi wawasan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Bangun pagi, bersama mentari
Bangun membangun perindustrian
Membangun pelancongan, pertanian, perikanan
Bangun mencapai awan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Dari Merang sampai ke Bintang
Dari Fikri ke Seri Harapan
Bangun membangun desa
Bangun membangun kota
Membangun hidup cemerlang

Batu Rakit dan Permaisuri
Langkap serta juga Jabi
Bersatu dalam barisan
Bersatu dalam wawasan

Setiuku oh Setiuku
Daerah bongsu di bumi Terengganu
Setiu oh Setiuku
Daerahku menuju maju


Patriotic, am I? Hehehehehe..
Even Pasir Mas/Tumpat, Seremban or Cheras don't have a song made especially for them.
So that simply means Setiu is special after all, kan?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mari, mari kawan...

Just thought of sharing this with everybody.
Something to cheer up our days.
Yours truly is having mid-term holidays, yet am @work at this moment for extra class.
And tomorrow I'll be attending a meeting for Setiausaha UPSR.. +sigh+
[so-called holidays lah..]
Okay, selamat mendengar!!


Mari-mari kawan dengar ini cerita
Perempuan sangat mudah cemburu buta
Kalau suaminya sangat bergaya
Dia so jealous, tidak percaya

You know apa yang jadi pada suatu hari
I perang besar you see!
Tapi baik juga, sudah hilang bengkak
Benjolnya dekat sini you sudah tak nampak!

Di ofis saya ada s’orang secretary
Potongan badannya…
Namanya “Mary”
Merah bibirnya macam cherry!
Salah pandang macam Halle Berry…

Dia mengajak saya pergi makan angin
[You know, she wants to ‘romance’]
I tanya “Ke mana?”
She said “Kebun bunga”
Ini chance baik I said “Ok, Senorita!”

Tiba di sana si Mary mula-lah posing
She makes badan I sejuk
Terus I shivering
She said “Don’t be afraid my darling”
Saya jawab: “I like this kind of thing..”

Kita pun pergi duduk dekat satu bangku
And then she said “ I love you!”
So then what did I do? I think you pun tahu…
Sudah tentu I kiss the girl bertalu-talu!

Saya pulang ke rumah cukup senang hati
Tapi my wife ternampak lipstick on my pipi

Dia menerkam dan menggigit,
Saya tak malu, terus menjerit!

Perabot IKEA terbang melayang-layang
Menghentam my belakang!
I would like to tanya
Kalau you yang kena
Wife you juga cemburu jadi what will you do?


So guys, check this out.
You know how the girls get jealous?
And if their husbands are too good looking
Then they’re… SO jealous!

Y’know what happened to me the other day?
World War III dudes.
Good thing the bump’s gone down
It was huge, but you can’t see it now.

See at work I got this secretary
Her stats…
Her name is ‘Mary’
Lips a shade of MAC Cherry
At a glance? Halle Berry

She said she needed some air
I asked ‘Where?’
She said ‘The park’
I said ‘Cool’

When we got there, she worked it.
I got the chills, [yes - them multiplying]
She said ‘Don’t be afraid my darling’
I said: ‘Who, ME?’

So, we got to sittin’.
And then, we got to talkin’.
And then she said the L word.
Then I got to taste MAC Cherry ;-)

So I went home with a smile on my face
But the wife caught the lipstick on my cheek
She pounced. She bit.
Okay, I screamed like a girl
[She threw the couch at me man!]

So let me ask you, if you were in my shoes…what would you do?

Saturday, October 8, 2011



I can't remember the last time I had chocolates.
By chocolates I mean pure ones, barred or truffle-like.
Not like Kit-Kat or Snickers or M&Ms..

Seroiusly, at this very moment, I crave for those sweet tasting and delicious Belgian chocolates.
I don't know why, but I'm salivating right now just by seeing the photos @Google.
Maybe this is the effect Cik Asni who loves chocolates gave me.
[This girl is so crazy about chocolates, I wonder how Encik Abdul can top that.. LOL]
Too bad I can't find those mouthwatering Belgian chocolates here in Setiu. [Yup, there's no 7-Eleven here..]

These heavenly delicious chocolates sure look so inviting, don't you think?

FYI, I often have these kind of cravings [not necessarily chocolates].
Especially when I'm about to go home for weekends or school break.
These cravings usually last for one week before I head home.

For example, last month I craved for "Spaghetti Olio".
It's the simplest Italian dish where you only have to saute the spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, seasoning[chicken/anchovy] and dried chillies.
[I added fresh prawns for some 'kick'.]
Simple, but my mother and sister love it.
Abah didn't get to taste it because I only made enough for 2 people to eat. [My first try, so I had no confidence yet. But it turned out ok.]

And the last couple of week, it was "Mee Kari/ Curry Noodles".
Abah+Ma are not big fans of Mee Kari, .. and so am I actually.
But I simply can't explain the craving for it, you know.
Not that I'm pregnant or what.. LOL
Living with friends in a rumah sewa, I think most of you can guess-lah our main dish.
Maggi/Mamee, Gardenia and sometimes nasi air [a.k.a bubur nasi] or laksa from our neighbour's stall.
So that explains, right?

And one more thing, the cravings maybe due to the fact that I don't fancy going out and buy food from the restaurants/gerai.
I prefer to cook my own meal at home.
And if you're wondering whether it's edible or not, that's another story to tell.
LOL! But I'm that bad ok?

Just so you know, if I can have even one piece of Belgian chocolate right now, I'd be damn happy.


Friday, October 7, 2011



Yes, it's here.
The school break is finally here.
Can't really say that I'm happy because I still have to travel to school from home during the school break.
For what?
Hrmmmm.. let's see..

There are extra classes for Year 4,5 and 6.
One-day course on Sunday, 27th of May.
PTK examination on the 6th of June.

So, no need to be jealous just because I have two weeks break.
It's not really cuti anyway.
[I pity my Year 6 kids, they have extra classes on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the break.. kesian kan?]
Till then, have a nice weekend!


Thursday, October 6, 2011



It took me a few text messages by Madame Asni when I finally decided to update here.
Was I busy 'elsewhere'??
Well, not really but partially yes. Hehe.

So many things that I really wanna share here, but right at this very moment, nothing seems to be coming out from my mind.
My fingers just keep on knocking on the keyboard without no specific topic at all.
Perhaps it's better for me to just be the reader this time.
At least during this school holidays.

Being at home is kinda distracting for me,you know..
Why?? THE KITCHEN is always calling out for me. LOL
I spent most of my time baking [if not sleeping in my room..hehe]

This couple of week I managed to bake a good almond tart for my family.
My first attempt,and according to Ma, it was scrumptious. Ehemmm!
Besides that, a chocolate cake [Abah's favourite now] and a horrible-looking-yet-delicious fruit pudding.
Tomorrow insyaAllah it will be either chocolate brownies or chocolate cupcakes.
[Baking gives me satisfaction somehow...]

I've been watching Martha Stewart quite religiously now, so no wonder lah kan?

I guess that's all for now.
A little update from me just to make sure everybody knows I'm still around.