Friday, May 4, 2012



Just finished my class with my Year 6 kids.
Well, today I think my patience goes up way beyond the limit.
Why? Read below.
The scenes happen in the same day (which is today-lah).

Scene 1:

TeacherFizzy: I want you to take out the homework that I asked you to do. Put up your hands those who didn't finish that homework.

(almost half of the class put up their hands.)

TeacherFizzy: Was it that hard?I only asked you to write 10 SIMPLE sentences using words that I had already given you the meanings. And we have gone through the words a few times already!

Those who didn't finish their homework, I want you to get out of my class. Get out! I don't have time for those who are not interested in learning.

(students obidiently [and happily] got out of the class.)

* * *

Scene 2:

TeacherFizzy: I want each of you to share your sentences with your friends, write it on the board. 1 sentence for 1 person.

(the remaining students began writing on the board.)

TeacherFizzy: "Just now, I drew my mother and father picture." Amer, what do you want to say here actually? 'Saya lukis gambar ibu bapa saya', atau 'saya melukis gambar untuk ibu bapa saya'?

(no answer.)

TeacherFizzy: Do you hear me? Apa maksud ayat yang awak tulis ni? Come on, your wrote it yourself, mesti la tahu maksud kan? Saya bukan marah, saya nak tahu apa yang awak cuba maksudkan lepas tu saya akan betulkan lah.

(still no answer, he didn't even look at me when I asked him.)

TeacherFizzy: Amer!! Saya dah cakap BM ni. Faham tak soalan saya? Saya cuma nak tahu maksud ayat awak ni. Bukan saya kata ayat awak salah. Bila dah tahu apa yang awak cuba sampaikan, baru saya boleh betulkan mana-mana yang patut. Kalau tak, jadi lain pulak. Awak akan salah faham nanti!

(he remained silent and my body started shaking, tears suddenly filled my eyes.)

TeacherFizzy: MasyaAllah! Answer me, Amer. Is it that hard to understand my question? Itu ayat yang awak buat sendiri, bukan ayat yang saya bagi. So you MUST know the meaning kan?

(tears rolled down my cheek by now..)

Amer: "Saya melukis gambar ibu bapa saya."

TeacherFizzy: There!!! Boleh pun jawab. Itu lah yang saya tanya dari tadi lagi. That's what I want to hear. Kenapa dari tadi awak tak bagi maksud tu? Nak saya menangis dulu baru awak nak jawab? So, your sentence should be like this: " Just now, I drew a picture of my mother and father."

(after a bit of 'lecture', the class continue as usual.)


Yeah, I cried in front of my students.
The first time this year.
Does that make me a bad teacher?
I do sound like one, don't I?



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