Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2 sen.


First of all,let me confess.
I'm not a Pitt fan.
Or a Pitt-Jolie fan, for that matter.
But I like this picture.

Why do I like this picture, you asked?
Because that's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for Heaven's sake.
And they're riding on a bike similar to what those Mat Rempits are doing their stupid stunts with.
No, I won't go on and nag about the Rempits now.
Truth be told, when I first saw the picture in our local newspaper yesterday it touched my heart.
It showed me the simple side of the multimillionaire actors.
The humbleness, their modesty.
(Yeah, maybe the bodyguards were tailing them, but heck! That's not the point.]

After 'admiring' the photo, I laughed.
Why? [No, I'm not insane. I'll get to my point later.]

I was comparing our local entertainment artists [singers and actors] with the Hollywood ones.
Don't you think we're becoming more and more like them?
When I said 'we',I was referring to our Malaysian artists.
Just look at how the female ones dressed nowadays.
I bet you can't find one that would wear a 'selipar Jepun' in public like Jolie did. He he he.
In some occasions, when there were local and international artists in them, our Malaysian artists outdid the international ones in terms of bearing more skin rather than covering them.
[I actually saw one in a newspaper, but couldn't find it in the net for me to share with you.Even if I did, I'd smudge the face so that none can tell who was it.LOL]

The recent happenings were even more dissappointing pour moi.
Some of the artists had the most glamorous so-called wedding of the year and the next thing you hear, the couple is already filing a divorce.
What a waste of money. Bet the orphans could use it for a better cause.
In my humble opinion, this isn't a healthy thing to do.
Then again, we don't really know what happen in their relationship so we can't comment much, can we?

The world is changing.
And Malaysia is globalized faster and faster.
I'm not saying that the artists are all BAD EXAMPLES [to our youth especially].
I do look up to some that have done really well in their career.
But even if the world is changing, we must not forget our roots, right?

I'm being bias, I know.
Just my 2 sen worth of opinion-lah.
No hard feelings, everyone..

Pitt is gorgeous, isn't he?
But not as handsome as my Redford [yet].


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