Monday, October 11, 2010



It's school break, my friends.
From 7th - 15th of March 2008.

InsyaAllah, if GE goes well [meaning we get the results as we wanted for our state..hehe], my family and I will be going to Cameron Highlands.
A getaway my brother in law has planned for all of us..[so not really connected to GE-lah]
I'm not really looking forward to go to Tanah Tinggi actually [as I'm more tempted to go shopping in KL], but alas, bila lagi kan?

Then on the 12th of March I'll be sitting for my PTK examination AGAIN.
Please, I'm in desperate need for your prayers so that I'll pass with flying colours this time.
For the record, in order to 'naik tangga gaji' [don't ask me what tangga means], we have to get Band 4 for the two papers we'll be sitting for.
Last time I only got Band 3 for both papers.

Lastly, to Pa'chik, in light of the coming GE, I pray for the wellness of our state, Kelantan Darul Naim.
May the Almighty Allah Subhanah Wataala be with us.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

*sob sob*


Lately, I think I'm being overly sensitive.
By being sensitive I mean it's quite easy for me to cry these past few days.
I cried over a-little-bit-stupid thing like I did a few days back.
Last night, I even cried when watching the final episode of an American sitcom "Still Standing".
[I cried because last night's episode was about parents neglecting their child, not because the series ended,ok?=)]

And just now, while reading Cik Puan Asni's latest entry, I couldn't help myself but to shed tears.
Reading about what happened to Abah before the aqad, it made my heart sink.
Even though I already knew about the incident, but reading it through Asni's writing touched my heart again.
It shows how great a father could and should be, esapecially when it comes to marrying off your first child.
The part that saddens me most was when Asni said she didn't cry during the aqad, but *Abah did.
It's true, as I eye-witnessed that when Abah came into Asni's room and asked for her accordance for the aqad.
Abah's eyes were filled with tears.

Asni, I think since your engagement I finally could see the soft side of your Abah.
I mean, all this while, we always regarded Abah as the serious type, one that you could not bergurau with etc.
Perhaps, that mainly because we rarely have conversations with him. [Like we have with Ummi. =)]
Well, the new-found Abah that we know now is so sweet, and caring.
The same goes to Ummi.

To say that my over-sensitiveness these days is due to post-PMS, I think it's a bit overrated.
I come to a conclusion that the main reason is because I really² miss my family and friends.
The two weeks holidays spent with them, and suddenly working for the whole week after, is a bit too much for my emotions to handle.
I just need to see them.



*Abah+Ummi in this entry are Asni's parents. Hope I didn't confused anyone by referring her parents as Abah+Ummi. =)



I guess I won't be blogging until Eid.
Today InsyaAllah I'll be going back to my hometown..
(as I always have every weekend!! LOL)

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of you readers..

A happy+blissful celebration of Eid.
And sorry for all my wrong doings..

Selamat Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitr..
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.. :)


Friday, October 8, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

*edited on 15th May~

Thanks to all for wishing me yesterday..
(Yeah, and thanks for reminding me that I'm OLD already.. huhuhu..) ☻


Pa'chik (terima kasih atas ingatan tu..),
Kak Ruby (thanks for you lovely words),
Fazlin (all the way fr Dublin, am so touched!),
eD (you wanted to make me an e-card? I prefer 'real' card from Hallmark! ;)),
Cik Asni (dear, thanks for the cake I shared it with my students..),
Lare (from Melbourne-you're so sweet),
Shaxu(I'm waiting for your treat!! =D) ,
Nana (thanks, love..when can we see each other??),
Faiz Naqiuddin (old buddy, you remembering my birthday means so much..),
Seri Nasimah (from Russia..thanks dear!),
Dyah (dear, thanks for your wish..),
Shambie (all the way from Cherating?? :)),
Mr Faqroul (such lovely words from deeply touched.),
Aboon (thanks for calling, babe!),
Idaxu(hey, thanks for your wish ya??),
Mi (I MISS YOU SO MUCH, girl!),
Kak pB (thanks for your wish, sis.. Kak pB doakan Fiz jumpa HERO cepat²,ok?),
Dek Inn (thanks, Inn..all the way from Indonesia),
Zack (my sweet zack, perhaps you can bake me something? hehehe..),
and Jib (hugs+kissess from me!).


I was feeling rather empty on my birthday.
Maybe because I'm away from family and closest friends.
But just so you know, you guys really make my day..
♥ ♥ ♥


Wednesday, October 6, 2010



It was my darling Mizot's birthday yesterday.
And my fellow dearest blogger, Achik's too.
Both of them were born on the 7th of April..'83 and '82 respectively.
Yet I was the one who 'received' the gift yesterday.
It was from Ms Istanbul.. a clip of Dr Alex Karev..
Hehehehehehe.. you make my day-lah, sis!!
Thanks a lot!!! :D


Sunday, October 3, 2010



My report on our escapade last weekend will have to wait.
Firstly, because the pictures are not ready.. [photoshop-ing most of them!:D]
And most importantly because I want to share this with all of you reading.

Yesterday evening, as I was driving home from school I heard from the news in Era that our country is ranked 6th in the World Competitiveness Year Book by IMD.
What is IMD? I too had no idea until Wan gave me the link to its press release this morning.
I quote that report :

IMD, International Institute for Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland, is recognized as one of the world leaders in executive education.
I thought the rank was too good to be true, but I kept to myself and planned to look more into it during my free time today.
But Wan saved my time when he gave me the link.. and my goodness!
Was I shocked to see the real rank of our oh-so-called-competetive country..?
The truth is, we ranked...

23rd !

Sorry, I wasn't trying to toy with any political stuff or whatnot but why bluff?
23rd out of 55 countries is not that bad, if you ask me.
We have to be realistic and try to accept the fact.
Then only we can try harder to be better.. and really be in the 6th place.
Because we deserved it.

Friends who are reading this might think that it's still not our 'thing' to be talking about this.
But please be reminded that we ARE in fact turning into 25 this year. [sob-sob]
That's a QUARTER of a century,babes.. so, it's time to be talking serious stuff too.
At least once in a while.. [most of the time we'll be GOSSIPPING.. lol!]

Here are the links that I got from my friend Azwan this morning..
Read and do give me some opinions.
And if I misunderstand any of that stuff, I stand to be corrected.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


First of all, I'd like to apologize for the unmannerly title.
But after reading yesterday's newspaper I was furious.
I was so angry, and at the same time felt so annoyed.
Read this:

Mana perginya tudung Salima?


Apa sudah jadi dengan bekas pelajar Akademi Fantasia Keempat (AF4) iaitu Salima? Sebelum ini dia begitu mempertahankan pendirian untuk tidak membuka tudung apatah lagi mendedahkan rambutnya kepada umum.

Sehinggakan gadis berusia 19 tahun ini turut kesal apabila pihak Astro menerusi program Fail Sulit AF telah menyiarkan gambar-gambarnya yang tidak bertudung ketika terlantar sakit selepas terlibat dengan kemalangan jalan raya di Temerloh tidak lama dulu.

Kata Salima ketika itu, dia kesal apabila pihak Astro menayangkan gambar-gambar tersebut sedangkan dia telah melarangnya sejak awal lagi.

Jika dilihat daripada kenyataan itu, ia memperlihatkan Salima begitu mempertahankan soal rambut atau auratnya.

Beliau menganggap perkara itu adalah maruah diri dan penyiaran beberapa keping gambar di dalam program berkenaan ternyata mencabuli haknya sebagai gadis bertudung.

Bagaimanapun semasa pementasan teater Rangkas Putera di Auditorium Muzium Sultan Alam Shah, Shah Alam pada 13 hingga 15 April lalu, ramai yang terkejut melihat penampilan terbaru Salima.

Gadis itu muncul dalam teater purbawara arahan Azmi Zainun tanpa memakai tudung dengan memegang watak Permaisuri Tanjung Karang.

Teater itu mengisahkan seorang bayi yang ditemui di sebuah rumpun buluh oleh sebuah keluarga diraja lalu dibesarkan dalam kehidupan istana.

Bayi yang diberi nama Rangkas Putera itu tidak membesar sebagaimana diharapkan sebaliknya telah mengganas dan merampas takhta keluarga angkatnya.

Tidak dinafikan persembahan Salima bersama Ifa Raziah dan Adlin (AF2) itu benar-benar memperlihatkan bakatnya dalam bidang teater. Tetapi persoalannya di manakah tudung Salima? Adakah kerana ingin memenuhi impian berlakon teater tersebut memaksa dia mencabuli pendiriannya selama ini?

Menurut Salima, dia sendiri sudah mengagak kemunculannya itu akan menimbulkan kontroversi terutamanya soal pemakaian tudung. Gadis bernama Nor Salima Habibi ini sebenarnya sudah bersiap sedia terhadap jawapan bagi persoalan yang bakal dibangkitkan itu.

Katanya, apa yang dilihat oleh penonton itu sekadar rambut palsu. Pada dasarnya Salima tidak menanggalkan tudung jauh sekali dengan sesuka hati ingin mempertontonkan rambutnya kepada umum.

Sebaliknya sebelum rambut palsu disarungkan di kepalanya, dia terlebih dahulu memakai anak tudung yang menutupi keseluruhan rambut asalnya.

Dia juga menganggap, tindakannya itu tidak salah dan bersedia berhadapan dengan apa juga persoalan yang akan dibangkitkan selepas ini.

‘‘Saya berpendapat dengan cara itu saya masih lagi tidak mendedahkan rambut saya kepada orang ramai. Saya masih menutup aurat kerana rambut asal ditutupi dengan anak tudung sebelum saya dipakaikan dengan rambut palsu,’’ katanya. [soooooooo stupid!!!]

Menurut Salima, dia mendapat tawaran berlakon teater tersebut selepas diajak oleh Ifa Raziah beberapa bulan lalu.

Secara kebetulan Salima diminta untuk menggantikan watak orang lain yang tidak dapat turut serta di dalam pementasan berkenaan.

Bagaimanapun selepas perbincangan dengan pengarah teater itu, Salima bersetuju untuk memakai anak tudung bagi menghormati skrip teater tersebut.

Benar kata Salima itu tetapi cara tersebut hanya menutupi rambut sebaliknya bagaimana dengan bahagian telinga, leher dan dada yang masih terdedah?

Ini kerana imej beliau selama ini menutupi keseluruhan bahagian tersebut. Bagaimanapun Salima tetap mempertahankan pendiriannya untuk muncul di pentas teater itu.

‘‘Saya anggap tindakan saya itu tidak salah kerana masih menutupi rambut asal,’’ katanya. Gadis ini juga menolak langkah yang diambilnya itu semata-mata untuk meraih publisiti murahan. [yeahh, right...]

Sebaliknya dia menganggap kemunculannya itu adalah untuk mempelbagaikan bakatnya dalam bidang seni.

‘‘Saya tak mahu berterusan menjadi penyanyi sebaliknya saya ingin mencuba bidang lain khususnya teater kerana minat saya dalam bidang tersebut bermula sejak di bangku sekolah lagi,’’ jelasnya.


Masya Allah... after reading this, tak putus² beristighfar.
How could she say that?
From what I understand, in her own point of view, using wig is OKAY.
It means you're covering your hair, the same like wearing a hijab/tudung.

If that's the case, she should've worn the wig since the first day she decided to cover her hair.
That would've been easier and will definitely cause less confusion for those who decided to do the same.
Some people could've misunderstood the meaning of 'aurat' in Islam.
Masya Allah....
For me, if you want to wear a hijab, wear it nicely and with manner.

This is another example.
An example of those who think that tudung is simply a 'fashion'.

Well, before I go off, again I want to apologize if this entry causes uneasiness to anyone.
I know this kind of 'sensitive issue' should be referred to an expert.
But comparing wigs to hijab is just too much for me.
It can simply means those 'Drag Queens' are wearing tudung lah all this while.

My goodness, Salima.. you're so STUPID!
Think before you say something.
Or better yet, don't think at all and just shut up.