Thursday, August 9, 2012


Before I go on with today's entry, let me tell you one thing.
Yes, I'm so angry today.
I'm really furious after reading Pa'chik's blog.
No, please don't get me wrong.
I'm not mad at him, I'm furious after reading the article he pasted in his latest entry.

How low can we go as a Malaysian Muslim?
Just to prove that we are living in a so-called developed country, to prove that we are open-minded, to show the world that we are capable of doing everything.. we have to put Islam away?
MasyaAllah.. I think having one 'Lina Joy' is enough.

Read this:

* * * * *

Bartenders Whip Up A Storm At Contest

Photos by RICKY LAI

Third placed: Erik whipping up his Belveryna and Eredevleb Framboise Tea Martini cocktails.
THEY shook, stirred and dazzled the crowd as they whipped up two cocktails – a martini and a long drink – within a few minutes at the Belvedere Bartender Competition.

The competition hosted by Belvedere Vodka at Frangipani bar offered an opportunity to celebrate the skill, creativity and artistry of Malaysia’s bartenders as well as Belvedere Vodka’s belief in the art of mixing the perfect cocktail.

Ten bartenders from various five-star hotels and night outlets competed for the title of Belvedere Bartender of the Year 2007 (Malaysia).

The winner will participate in the Regional Bartender Event in Hong Kong with an opportunity to go on to the Belvedere International Bartender Competition in London.

“Each cocktail must feature one of the three types of Belvedere Vodka – Belvedere Pure, Belvedere Cytrus or Belvedere Pomarancza,” said Riche Monde Malaysia Belvedere Vodka brand manager Jeff Chong, whose company distributes the brand in Malaysia.

“Judging will be based on taste, outlook (bartender’s presentation), presentation of drink, aroma and the name of the cocktail.”

Test of skill and creativity: Adzhar straining his cocktail mixture before pouring it into a martini glass.
The panel of judges comprised Moet Hennessy Spirits marketing manager Andrew Khan, Belvedere Vodka regional brand ambassador Sam Jeveons and Klue magazine managing director John Lim.

“We’re also hosting a cocktail party, which will offer guests and Belvedere lovers the chance to have fun and enjoy some drinks,” Chong said.

Riche Monde Malaysia’s corporate clients, media members and celebrities like Marion Caunter, Wong Sze Zen, Stephanie Chai and Will Quah attended the invitation-only event.

Daphne Iking hosted the event while Camelia entertained guests with a few songs.

“Belvedere literally means 'beautiful to see.' A fitting name for such an alluring vodka,” Iking said during the opening of the event.

Delectable: Alvey sampling Adzhar’s Smooth while Iking looks on.
“The moniker is in fact inspired by the historical Belvedere Palace in Warsaw, former home to Polish royalties and presidents. Continuing a Polish tradition reaching back 600 years, Belvedere Vodka is handcrafted in small batches using centuries-old techniques to ensure the highest quality, “ she said.

Mohd Adzhar Ahmad, who has been bartending at Qba in The Westin Kuala Lumpur for two years, was declared the competition’s winner with his long drink named Pomarancza Ozie and martini called Smooth.

Fellow Qba bartender Rizal Junior Johari won second place with his Capito long drink and June’s martini.

Mohd Erik Fiza Zulkifle from The Loft KL was third with his Belveryna and Eredevleb Framboise Tea Martini cocktails.

Vodka fan James Coathup tried Erik’s Belveryna and described it as “fresh, fruity and delicious”.

“This drink is something I’d actually buy. I usually go for drinks like vodka cranberry and vodka lime soda when I’m out for drinks with friends,” the Australian said.

Channel [V] VJ Alvin Pulga, better known as Alvey sampled Adzhar’s Smooth and declared that its smooth taste lived up to its name.

* * * * *

The 1st,2nd and 3rd place are all Muslim.
Good job, guys. 'Well done!'

Don't they have better things to do?
Is getting a job that hard they had to settle being a bartender instead?
Come on, is not like you're making 'teh tarik' or what ok?
MasyaAllah.. MasyaAllah..

If any of you readers think that they aren't doing any wrong, or perhaps you're trying to be positive, thinking that they might just mingle with vodka,beer,wine et cetera without consuming it, [which I doubt because how would they know the mixture tastes good if they don't try it first??] ,well I hope this hadith will make you think twice.
Credits to pa'chik for putting this up, so that I can share with all of you who are reading.

Diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Tarmizi dan Ibnu Majah;
“Rasulullah s.a.w. melaknat tentang arak, sepuluh golongan: (1) yang memerasnya, (2) yang minta diperaskannya, (3) yang meminumnya, (4) yang membawanya, (5) yang minta dihantarinya, (6) yang menuangkannya, (7) yang menjualnya, (8) yang makan harganya, (9) yang membelinya, (10) yang minta dibelikannya.”

I have yet to give my opinion on a local female actor who decided to shaved her head bald and now this??
MasyaAllah, it's neverending.
People seem proud to show they did something that is obviously wrong in Islam.
I really can't understand this.

I'm sorry this entry sounds so negative , but this I had to do.
I'm tired of reading about what these kind of people did to make others [non-Muslim] even more confused about Islam.
I may not be the best or the most suitable person to write about this, as I know I'm not a perfect Muslimah too, but Subhananallah..
This is just way too much.
I might just punch them in the face if I ever see them on the street.

Oh well, for the record, shaving your head bald [for woman] is HARAM no matter how you put it [unless it's for medical purposes-lah..].
What does art got to do with hukum Islam anyway?
It doesn't make it HALAL, even though that's what you do for a living.
[And daddy showing his support by shaving his head too?? Come on!!!!!]
The same goes for men who wear earrings or chain/choker.
That's HARAM too. Period.




Things happen for a reason, and sometimes the reason is beyond our understandings.

I have my own reasons why I did what I did.. and most of the times I just need people to understand without questioning why.

Freedom is what I need but somehow I feel as if it's been taken away far from me, bit by bit till I'm suffocating.

Sometimes, I think being incognito to some is a blessing in disguise! sigh..
No explanation.


p/s: To 'anonymous' in the previous entry.. yes, I know Ustzh. Soliha.. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today's weekly assembly was a bit chaotic.
Penolong Kanan HEM asked some of the students who were caught shoplifting @ the Kedai Sekolah to stay back after the assembly.
To my own surprise more than 10 students stayed back.
I couldn't refrain myself from letting my anger out.
In fact I felt like slapping those kids.
Thank God my patience stopped me.

Class started at 9.15 a.m today.
Was not in the mood of classroom learning, so I took the students to the TV room.
I did promise them to at least go and watch CD once a month and that's what I did since April's coming to an end and they have not been there yet for this month.
The kids watched "Disney's Magic English" today and it's so uplifting to see them learn something while having fun watching the cartoon.



putting on a fake smile.
listening to all of your stories.
i know you're not bragging, but damn.. 
it feels like you really are.

i was not happy,not at all.
but i pretended that i was.
i'm sorry if that was mean, but damn..
faking it is all i can do.

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan

Friday, August 3, 2012



Thanks for the visits these past few days, people..
Lately I'm busy with my kids' exam.. [UPSR trials to be exact..]
Hence no posts/entries from moi since the last one.. :)
InsyaAllah I'll be updating my blog a.s.a.p.
And am having a one-day course at the moment..

And err... pa'chik... everything's ok.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

my oh-so-beautiful night

it's 4 am now.. and i've just finished watching my second and last movie [for now].. i thank my two best friends for such a 'beautiful' movie that i saw just now. fqrl for suggesting it to shambie. and shambie for your effort to download the movie and burn it for me. ;) you guys are just the best!

the movie that took me by surprise for its sweetness and romance was none other than "The Notebook".. starring Ryan Gosling, James Garner et cetera.. well, you can always Google for more info regarding the movie, but in my humble opinion, the love story in The Notebook is so real and oh-so-sweet. it tells about a man who reads a notebook to his wife who's suffering from memory loss. their love for each other remains intact until their last a very old age.. perhaps too good to be true, but i can't stop wanting to have such a relationship while i was watching the movie. so sweet and beautiful..can't find more suitable words to describe it. gosh, got to see this movie again..and again..and again.. [plus there's the forever-hot James Marsden in it too..who never fails to make my heart smiles with his lovely dimples.. ;)] rotflol. oh, and Ryan Gosling didn't fail me either in this movie. he managed to look manly and macho, which i find it very difficult to imagine at first due to his boyish look. ah, what a movie.. got butterflies all over my tummy watching the actors..

the first movie that i saw, before The Notebook, was "Serendipity".. quite an old movie, but believe it or not, i haven't seen it even though i once had a huge crush on John Cusack back in the days when i was in college. this movie was not a disappointment either. though there were quite a few 'hindustani' scenes in the movie, but it was acceptable. perhaps it was just my mood.. i was feeling rather mellow and the 'theme' for last night's DVD session was ROMANCE. so, anything sweet and lovey-dovey was THE thing. [pa'chik sure tengah muntah reading this entry.. lol.. bear with me, ek pa'chik..]..

tomorrow, the theme's gonna be comedy slash cartoon, i guess. got "Kung Fu Panda" waiting to be watched and also The Rock's "Game Plan".. yeah, i am enjoying my year-end holidays now.. after a year's hard work, i think at least i deserve this much of an entertainment. oh, no.. ayam berkokok already.. it's 4.50 am.. gonna sleep now..


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach, couldn't see
We were never meant to be

So much hurt, so much pain
Takes a while to regain what is lost inside
But I hope that in time
You'll be out of my mind
And I'll be over you


Today marks the end of everything I've felt all this while.


I know I'm being obvious to those who know what I'm talking about..
But please, bear with me for now.