Saturday, May 12, 2012

not quite, but still alright.

i always hear or read that people say Kelantan is under developed. and that the rakyat is poor.. [??! did they check EVERY house in Kelantan or what?!!].. on what basis that claim was made, i'm not so sure. and how do they define a developed state, remains a question. to me, you have to come here and judge for yourself. we might not have those skyscrapers like KL here in Kota Bharu. or public transport systems like monorail,LRT et cetera, we don't have them. but imho, everything that we have here is enough. at least i can get what i want. those simple stuff that you thought you won't find in KB, is here already..

these are basically what shambie and i found during our 'weekly date' last weekend.

sushi? no problem. even though you won't have the luxury of eating in Sushi King, you still get to eat sushi. not as delicious, but the taste is acceptable. at least en par with Jusco's sushi [a must whenever i go to Maluri].. :D

and to our excitement, me and my 'girlfriend' Shambie found a stall that sells takoyaki. yahoo!! takoyaki, simply means grilled octopus is a famous Japanese street food and to find it in KB is just so satisfying. [wikipedia].

for some western food earlier that afternoon, we head for London Fish Tales.. [miss b, this is the 'closest' to London that i can get.. *lol*].. the food was simple [we only ate fish and chips and fried shrimp]..yet they are so yummy. especially the shrimp.

and for desert, there is Secret Recipe nearby for their oh-so-delicious cakes or Big Apple Donuts.. my, their donuts are fingerlickingly good! we didn't eat any cakes or donuts though, since the takoyaki made us full.

the best that day was of course, the fish massage that we get right after lunch. yeah, definitely not the same as the Fish Spa that you can find in Pavillion KL, but the fish are somewhat the same.

for rm18, our feet got massaged [or shall i say, 'EATEN' by the fish] for half an hour.. it's quite ticklish at first, but you'll get used to it in no time. felt as if you get minor electric shock whenever the fish suck the dead cells off your feet. the fish didn't actually bit our feet, but more like 'kissed' our feet. and with each 'kiss' we felt the shock. so imagine with that many fish all over your ticklish it would be.. :)

oh, that's yours truly's feet in the picture,btw. that's one helluva fish, right? shambie didn't get that much. so what did that indicates? hahahaha. my feet got a lot more dead cells than hers!! dang! an exciting experience it was that we decided to have another visit there to get our feet massaged.

after the 'date' we came to a conclusion that you don't need to go to KL or other 'more developed' cities to experience or get any interesting stuff when everything's right in front of you now. no matter how 'mundur' people say Kelantan is, at least in our point of view, it is the contrary. apart from a cinema, Kelantan has everything that we need. hehhehe.. [with a cinema, we'll have no more wish. everything is complete,then.].. lol.

lastly, if we 'developed' and be the same like KL or JB, where's the uniqueness then? people have always been flocking to Kelantan because they say we have quality stuff here yet with very reasonable price. i.e., gold jewelleries, batik sutera, batik sarung, tudung bawal et cetera.. i don't have proof of that, but according to my friends [not Kelantanese], it is the truth. so, i like Kelantan as it is now. whatever negative remarks people give, at least to me, it's special.

a patriotic entry, don't you think? *lol*

to shambie: babe,can't wait for our rendezvous this weekend!! hehe

Monday, May 7, 2012



At 2.31 a.m this morning, my brain suddenly woke me up.
You see, before I went to sleep last night [11p.m approx.] I did a mental reminder to wake up at 2.30 a.m and finish my work.
[Plus I had not ironed my baju kurung+tudung for school the next day {today}.]
Alhamdulillah, it worked.
No alarm clock or handphone.
I woke up, got my baju kurung+tudung ironed while watching Astro AEC.
Then, I made a cup of coffee and switched on my laptop.
I had to make the pamphlet/brochure/leaflet for today's Mesyuarat PIBG.
By 4.30 a.m I finished my work,but my eyes felt damn fresh..[the effect of Pe'rl cafe..]
So,.. alone, I watched "the Nanny" for one whole hour @ the Hallmark channel.
[then my imaginations went wild.. the thought of having a husband like Mr Sheffield seemed like a good idea at that time. LOL. Tall, handsome and richie rich!]

Alas, I was asleep again at 6a.m.
About 15 minutes after azan Subuh.
I was asleep for only 20 minutes but during that 20 minutes I had a dream.
I dreamed about my friends.
There were Shaxu, Jasara, Inamadz, Shambie, Aboon and a few others that I couldn't recall.
We were @ a restaurant, similar to MidValley's Chili's if I'm not mistaken.
And what were we doing there?
Besides getting the latest 'gossip' we were also...


WTH, kan?

After a while, there were some who 'showed up' for us.
Among those who were there, I could remember vividly two people.

1. Joe Flizzow from TooPhat
2. MTV's Vj Colby

Seriously, I'm not quite sure the significance of both Joe and Colby to me.
I'm definitely not a hip-hop fan, and I personally prefer StarWorld&Discovery Channel rather than MTV.
[but I've to admit Vj Colby caught my eyes-lah.]

But for my own dissappointment, the dream ended quite abruptly.
I didn't get to see/hear us recording our 'oh-so-merdu' voices.

From this dream, I came to a conclusion.

[Especially these girls..]

And Cik Asni, I think I'd miss you the most nanti. ;)


Friday, May 4, 2012



Just finished my class with my Year 6 kids.
Well, today I think my patience goes up way beyond the limit.
Why? Read below.
The scenes happen in the same day (which is today-lah).

Scene 1:

TeacherFizzy: I want you to take out the homework that I asked you to do. Put up your hands those who didn't finish that homework.

(almost half of the class put up their hands.)

TeacherFizzy: Was it that hard?I only asked you to write 10 SIMPLE sentences using words that I had already given you the meanings. And we have gone through the words a few times already!

Those who didn't finish their homework, I want you to get out of my class. Get out! I don't have time for those who are not interested in learning.

(students obidiently [and happily] got out of the class.)

* * *

Scene 2:

TeacherFizzy: I want each of you to share your sentences with your friends, write it on the board. 1 sentence for 1 person.

(the remaining students began writing on the board.)

TeacherFizzy: "Just now, I drew my mother and father picture." Amer, what do you want to say here actually? 'Saya lukis gambar ibu bapa saya', atau 'saya melukis gambar untuk ibu bapa saya'?

(no answer.)

TeacherFizzy: Do you hear me? Apa maksud ayat yang awak tulis ni? Come on, your wrote it yourself, mesti la tahu maksud kan? Saya bukan marah, saya nak tahu apa yang awak cuba maksudkan lepas tu saya akan betulkan lah.

(still no answer, he didn't even look at me when I asked him.)

TeacherFizzy: Amer!! Saya dah cakap BM ni. Faham tak soalan saya? Saya cuma nak tahu maksud ayat awak ni. Bukan saya kata ayat awak salah. Bila dah tahu apa yang awak cuba sampaikan, baru saya boleh betulkan mana-mana yang patut. Kalau tak, jadi lain pulak. Awak akan salah faham nanti!

(he remained silent and my body started shaking, tears suddenly filled my eyes.)

TeacherFizzy: MasyaAllah! Answer me, Amer. Is it that hard to understand my question? Itu ayat yang awak buat sendiri, bukan ayat yang saya bagi. So you MUST know the meaning kan?

(tears rolled down my cheek by now..)

Amer: "Saya melukis gambar ibu bapa saya."

TeacherFizzy: There!!! Boleh pun jawab. Itu lah yang saya tanya dari tadi lagi. That's what I want to hear. Kenapa dari tadi awak tak bagi maksud tu? Nak saya menangis dulu baru awak nak jawab? So, your sentence should be like this: " Just now, I drew a picture of my mother and father."

(after a bit of 'lecture', the class continue as usual.)


Yeah, I cried in front of my students.
The first time this year.
Does that make me a bad teacher?
I do sound like one, don't I?