Tuesday, April 12, 2011



My previous post dated January 29th.
LOL.. I haven't been blogging here for exactly a month!
Good job, fizzy! Good job!
Pa'chik hasn't been bugging me to update [perhaps he gave up doing that all the time! haha..], that's one of the reasons why no updates whatsoever from yours truly.

I also promised Achik I'd change my layout, but I have yet to find time to waste in order to do that.
Perhaps soon.. hopefully soon.
Reading Ms Istanbul's entries, they really made my heart smiles..
I'm happy for you! :)
And oh! I envy you for getting the VIP seat for the football game. :|
FYI, I'm a true Liverpool fan.. :D

At this very moment, I'm still struggling managing my time so that work can be completed accordingly.
I'm already wayyyyyyyyyy behind schedule for some work which got me really tensed.
My kids come second nowadays because of the stuff that we,teachers,have to do.
But blame my terrible time management, I just couldn't keep up sometimes.

The coming General Election is making me excited all over.
I can't wait to cast my vote on March 8th at my old primary school.
It's my FIRST GE,and political stuff really excites me now. LOL
Almost everyone is talking about changes right now.
I doubt that will happen in this coming GE,.. but Allah knows best. ;)
IMHO, the election SYSTEM itself needs severe REVAMP.
After we have a FAIR and JUST voting system, then only we can dream of having a change.
Am I being biased? Or obvious?

Well, it's just my humble sepuluh sen worth of thought

Saturday, April 9, 2011

of English and me~


Being an English teacher, people [especially parents], always ask me this particular question:

"How do we/our children become good in English?"

That's one helluva trickiest question to answer, I might say.
Because I don't think I'm good in the language at all.
But my answer is always simple and the same to everyone.
You've got to love the language.

Don't think of it as an alien language, especially these days when English is used everywhere and anywhere.
Even if you're watching Datuk Yusof Haslam's "Sembilu ", the subtitle is in English.
Or the cartoons.
In a way, we are learning the language without realizing it.

When my housemates asked me how did I end up being an English teacher, I told them I had great teachers inspiring me since I was in primary school.
Teacher Zabedah, Teacher Ong, Mr Thank Swee Hong, Mrs Hiew.
And when I went to Tunku Kurshiah, I was taught by Mr Pillay, Mr Shamser, Puan Hafizah.
They were equally great.
When I was doing my diploma, I had a group of inspiring lecturers like Puan Ros Amisha, Puan Rozanah, Puan Azizah, Puan Aziah, Puan Umai, Miss Ong and Mr Joseph.
They taught me as a student, advised me like I was their own child and hang out with me like I was one of their friends.
So, how can I not be inspired by all of them?

And as I was watching a show @ E! [Astro channel 76], I thought of another reason why I developed a liking in the language.

I grew up with it.

I've always love watching TV series, even until now.
And back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were loads of shows that I liked.
To name a few..,

And when I was in primary school, I was Tommy Page's die hard fan,you know?!
I remembered waiting for his "Time" or "A Shoulder To Cry On" music video when I got back home right after school. *giggles*

You may laugh, but I don't think my students listen to any English songs at all.
I don't know what went wrong, but the only nursery rhyme that they are familiar with is "Twinkle² Little Star".
They don't know "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "London Bridge", "If You're Happy" etc.
My school was in a kampung too, for Goodness sake, if that's their excuse for not being exposed to the songs/rhymes.
Or maybe the current curriculum is to be blamed?
My lips are sealed.~

The most important thing is what you read.
It's a great way to learn, be it English or anything at all.
Don't you think so?
I have my father to thank when it comes to developing my interest in reading English stuff.
Though Abah doesn't read much English, but he bought me a Sidney Sheldon for my UPSR gift.
And that was my first time reading an English book/novel that's an inch thick.

Please don't get me wrong, this entry was not meant to 'mengagung-agungkan' English.
But being in the education field, especially in the current curriculum, English knowledge is vital.
I pitied my little kids that had to struggle learning Science and Mathematics in English when their skills in the language is not to be proud of.

I pray that Allah will give me the strength.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Actually I don't have anything to say..
I have mixed feelings at this very moment.
Hmmmmm..let me update you about my dull life these past few days, my boring life right now and my soon to be uninteresting life in the future.


Thursday, 10th of May 2007
- I planned to go home early today, only to be told that there would be a programme for the Year Six kids later in the afternoon. Damn. The programme started at 2.30 p.m and lasted for 2 whole hours. Then I had to accompany the facilitator for tea and whatnot, drove back to Kelantan at approximately 5.30 p.m.
-I arrived home when the Muazin called the Muslims for Maghrib prayers. (maybe it was my Abah, I still can't recognize his voice when he Azan..)
-Fatigue and a headache. I went to bed early, hence missed my friend Idya's birthday. (sorry,babe.. hope you had a joyous one!)

Friday, 11th of May 2007
-Got a call from UPM. =( I was told that I was THE ONLY one from Kota Bharu that qualified for their Bachelor in TESL programme (long distance learning). Sad to say they need at least 3 people to open a class. I felt numb the moment I heard that. Devastated,frustrated, dumbstrucked. All in one.
-Ma reminded me that I had to send Adik for her tuition class @12.45.
-Went online around 10a.m and read Pa'chik and Mr Incognito's blog. Mr I added me on YM and we chatted that morning. Man, was I inspired!
-Sent Adik for her tuition around 12.30, after my Ma's nagging.. LOL (I got carried away with YM and blogs..)
-Picked up Adik and we went to Shambie's. She wanted to have a photoshoot session of the stuff she's selling at her online store. I envied Shambie dearly, for being so creative.

Saturday, 12th of May 2007
-Struggled to finish up the "Buku Laporan Mengajar Harian".. I promised Asni to be at her house around 2p.m.
-Arrived at Asni's around 3p.m. Shambie was already there. Chatted, gossiped a little bit while eating Asni's healthy chocolate cake. LOL
-From 3p.m to 6.30 p.m, Asni,Shambie,Umi (Asni's mom) and me only managed to finish ONE hantaran. ROTFL.
-Received an advance birthday gift from the lovely Cik Asni. She made me another healthy chocolate cake. The topping I had to make it myself. LOL. (Thanks, love..that's so sweet of you! Though your cake is not that sweet.. hehehehehe..)
-Watched "Selimut Putih" on TV3 and I cried. It's a drama about anak² derhaka. SEDIH!!!!!



Sunday, 13th of May 2007
-I woke up at 4.50a.m, took a nice, cold shower, and then a cup of coffee. Asked Abah to reverse my car before he and Ma went to the mosque.
-Subuh @5.45 a.m and then started driving to work. Stopped at BCB for some cash, went to Shell and gave my car a FULL tank. Singgah rumah sewa, to leave my luggage and other stuff before I go to school.
-Finished some work @the office, and my Boss gave me an advance birthday present. (Kak pB, this time rasa marah lupa..segan laa pulok!).
-At this very moment, I'm updating my blog (after finishing all the classes for today) and waiting for my friend. We'll be going to Marang for a meeting.



-I'll be 24 in less than 24 hours. Dang!



p/s: will add some pictures later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mahsuri !!!

Back to blogging again, after a weekend full of rest.

Last week I thought I read in Cik Asni's blog that she and Yani can't seem to remember their House Song. (Selindang Delima a.k.a Green House.)
Well, before I go on and boast around with my House Song(s), just a quick info for those who don't know about our school.

Red House is Mahsuri.
Blue House is Tun Fatimah.
Yellow House is Siti Zawiah.
And Green House is Selindang Delima.


Mahsuri, Mahsuri..
Rumah Merah yang kupuja
Disanjung pada setiap masa
Berbakti dengan setia hingga kita berjaya
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Ahli-ahli Rumah Mahsuri
Tetap taat berbakti
Bergotong-royong setiap hari
Majulah Rumah Mahsuri

Bendera Mahsuri tetap selalu berkibar
Majulah dalam semua lapangan
Gagal mesti ditentang, jangan berputus asa..
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Come Mahsurians, up Mahsurians
Let's keep our flags fly up high
Victory's our destination,
That's the fact we can't deny

So let us all get together
Don't be sorry if we lose
Let's be joyful, it'll be better
So now forward we must push

Come Mahsurians, that's the spirit
That's the spirit we must keep
Never be shy to take defeat
Rise again and take the lead.

From the lounge of Block D Mahsuri
To the court of TKC
We present our team with dignity
And we hope that we will win

And we hope to see the glory
Of the team called Mahsuri
We are the Mahsurians are proud of you
Come on you girls, on your feet!


There you go, Asni, Yani and fellow 9600..
My House Songs.. =D



To me, I'm a terrible decision maker.
I do things when time is almost running out.
People closest to me [especially my colleagues + boss], are well aware of this bad quality of mine.

On a different note, I'm getting better at making things worse these days.
But heck, I'm a different person now [I wish!!!]..
I am selfish, cruel and couldn't care less of what's happening around me.
As long as I'm happy, I'm happy.. [on the outside at least.]
Come to think of it, that's just another bad quality I've acquired, kan?

Getting back to the topic, I'm beginning to consider closing down this account @blogspot.
As much as I love my identity "fizhasan", I'm suffocating now.
I can't breathe here anymore.. and my mind is getting numb each day.
Perhaps I shouldn't reopen after the short hiatus status last time.

But still, I looooooooooove writing.
This passion I have for writing, no one can ever take it away.
Hence this blog is the place for me to let out my feelings.
[This is the downside of being single+available, ok people? Should I have a boyfriend, he might end up dead deaf by now listening to me whining.. huhu~]

However, it is still in my consideration.
I might close down this 'premise', but InsyaAllah I won't disappear in this blogosphere.
It is afterall, THE place where I got to know loads and loads of unforgettable, extraordinary and special people like:

and the list goes on..

They have all touched my heart in their own special kind of ways.
Up to a point that I felt like I've known them for ages.

Yes, I am terribly confused now.
But no, I don't think I felt a pang of guilt anymore.
I've just turned into the virtual version of "Cruella De Vil".


Friday, April 1, 2011

of single dads and 'duda'..

i was planning to post about something serious at first, but the mood to talk about stuff like that is just not there tonight. so, same like the previous post, i'll justwrite an entry about some entertainment-related stuff now..just to lighten up the gloomy days i'm in nowadays.. now,shall we.. ?! *lol*

people closest to me might know this about yours truly : I AM CRAZY ABOUT KOREAN DRAMAS! and after a few years watching numerous dramas and movies from S.Korea.. i fell in love with almost everything about the country.. its culture, language and handwriting, music and the list goes on.

anyway, after years of watching these dramas.. there are a few of them that potray characters of single dads and duda [divorced man].. but they don't do justice-lah i think.. in ALL the dramas, ALL the single dads and duda are EXTREMELY hot!! i mean, does it make sense when these so-good-looking guys [just to show a few] are single dads or duda[s]?

[Oh Ji Ho in 'Single Dad in Love']

[Kim Seong Su in 'Bad Love']

[Ryu Jin in 'Mom's Dead Upset']

being 'in love' with korean dramas, i tend to have this kind of perception that ALL single dads or duda are to-die-for!! they are extremely hot and very successful in life. silly me, kan? rotflol. if only life is just as the dramas that i've watched. it'll sure be so colorful..

oh, and just to be fair.., hollywood's not any different. these are miss b's favourite single dad + duda.. lol.. [sorry i dragged you into this too,sis ;)] we need a break from all the stress we've been dealing lately. cheers!

[single dad Agent Seeley Booth a.k.a David Boreanaz in 'Bones']

[divorced Dr Derek Shepherd a.k.a Patrick Dempsey in 'Grey's Anotomy']

so, anyone knows any HOT single dads or duda out there? tell him i said hi.