Saturday, December 3, 2011



Am really sorry to those who have been visiting this page and find no update whatsoever from yours truly.
These past few days I was not really in the mood to post anything.
As always, I need someone to 'wake me up' from this laziness.
And this time around, it's pa'chik. [Boring ekkk kena Teh 'O' je?? ;p]

Actually, today I don't really feel like writing either.
So, who's up for a short quiz? :D

Okay, there's this picture here..
I've numbered 6 of the Kelantan kuehs..
Can you give me the name of those delicacies?
[pa'chik...jgn malukan oghe Kelate..heheheheh..]
Please click on the picture for bigger view.

Selamat mencuba!!