Friday, April 6, 2012


I feel so guilty..
So guilty I almost cried..
Felt so bad for being the curious me.
And even worse for knowing things I shouldn't have..
But the worst is to know that I've made you sad.

To that person..
[ you know who you are..]
I look up to you more than anyone else.
'Seeing' you making others happy and for all I know you're hurt inside.
Please find a spot in your heart to forgive me.
For being such a jerk and causing you discomfort.

I'm so sorry~


like i said, its nobodys fault..
so no need to feel sad, guilty, apologize etc..
i have no reason to be mad..

That's how I felt nonetheless.
I know you're not angry, but like 'anonymous' said, perhaps I've made you uncomfortable/uneasy with what happened.
Ermmm..thanks for leaving a note.
I do feel a little better. :|

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