Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I think my life is so disorganized right now.
I've got a pile of work that needs to be done a.s.a.p.
Reports, worksheets, timetables..
And worse, tomorrow we're having a meeting with the parents regarding the exam results [which by the way can't be proud of at all!]
I can't see the importance of having this kind of meeting when most of the parents don't really care whether their children come to school or not.
Shheeeeesh!! Blame my BAD time management for this!
I tend to do work at the last minutes or close to deadlines.
Yeah, righttt!! Hehehehehe..

And there's this problem with my house mate.
I think she's just been swindled by her boyfriend [who used to be our school Pak Guard -not that it matters.. LOL]
Actually I'm in a dilemma right now.. whether to tell her family or just keep my mouth shut.
Maybe I should mind my own 'unfinished' business, but then I can't stop thinking how big of a fool she has been since they became a couple.

Let's analyze her situation:

She broke her engagement with her fiance (read here) a few months back and almost right after that the Pak Guard [PG] came into the picture.
He 'took her heart away' lah konon-kononnya.
I don't have any problem with what he does for a living, so long as it's HALAL, then again his stories or shall I say 'tales' to my house mate Y were so stupidly unbelievable.
What sort of stories? Here are some, have fun laughing your heads off!
Mind you guys these were what he told Y on their first so-called date:-

-PG told Y that when he was working in KL he used to drive [by that he meant used to have..] all sorts of cars Perdana V6 lah, Honda lah.. I wonder why he only drives a second hand Wira when he decided to come back to his kampung.

-PG said he used to be an assistant architect. [Wow!] And he was the one who designed the PM's house [wow! wow! and WOWW!!]. Upon hearing this from Y, I started to feel very uneasy with this PG guy. That is sooooooo stupid, don't you think? If you're that successful then why on earth did you have to come work in a kampung as a guard? You can do that in KL lah if you want! Aiyoo!

-PG also said he had 20-30k in his savings and that he needn't any loan to make a house for his parents. I don't see any relevance in telling anyone how much [or little] I have in my savings. And during the first meeting some more! That's just simply ridiculous.

-PG received an offer from PDRM,but he was not interested to join the force. Then, he got an offer from MAS [to receive trainings for pilot] but he declined. He said he's not so keen in working under somebody's order. According to him, he's his own boss. Yikes! What sort of a lie was that? If you 'really' got an offer from PDRM/MAS, you must've applied for the post lah kan in the first place? They aren't that stupid to offer you a job just like that! And Y actually believed this!

+ + +

There are more, but I don't want to waste more of my time just to write about PG.
The most important thing is what Y is doing now.


And so much to my own 'bewilderment', she's going to share the property with PG.
Ha ha ha. That's just plain idiot, kan?
And she said PG's going to apply a loan for the other half of it [which I doubt it'll be granted because he's jobless now. yupp, he quit his job as our school guard.]
I pity Y, because it's only her second year working yet she's already thinking of getting such a huge loan. And not for herself, even..
That PG guys is obviously a CON, right?
And either Y is totally in love to believe such words from PG or she's stupid, period.
Another take is that perhaps she's been bewitched by a 'love/money' spell?

Please, tell me what you think.
Or better still, tell me what do you think I have to do to help Y.

Oh, and did I tell you last week she didn't come home for a night and she told me she had a stomach ache and had to stay at her parents'?
It's no surprise to know that I've been conned too, by Miss Y herself.
It turns out she was in Kuala Terengganu with PG until very late that night and was afraid to go home at that hour.
So they took turns to sleep in her car.
La la la... can you believe that???

Love is after all,.... BLIND!


Friday, April 6, 2012


I feel so guilty..
So guilty I almost cried..
Felt so bad for being the curious me.
And even worse for knowing things I shouldn't have..
But the worst is to know that I've made you sad.

To that person..
[ you know who you are..]
I look up to you more than anyone else.
'Seeing' you making others happy and for all I know you're hurt inside.
Please find a spot in your heart to forgive me.
For being such a jerk and causing you discomfort.

I'm so sorry~


like i said, its nobodys fault..
so no need to feel sad, guilty, apologize etc..
i have no reason to be mad..

That's how I felt nonetheless.
I know you're not angry, but like 'anonymous' said, perhaps I've made you uncomfortable/uneasy with what happened.
Ermmm..thanks for leaving a note.
I do feel a little better. :|

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2 sen.


First of all,let me confess.
I'm not a Pitt fan.
Or a Pitt-Jolie fan, for that matter.
But I like this picture.

Why do I like this picture, you asked?
Because that's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for Heaven's sake.
And they're riding on a bike similar to what those Mat Rempits are doing their stupid stunts with.
No, I won't go on and nag about the Rempits now.
Truth be told, when I first saw the picture in our local newspaper yesterday it touched my heart.
It showed me the simple side of the multimillionaire actors.
The humbleness, their modesty.
(Yeah, maybe the bodyguards were tailing them, but heck! That's not the point.]

After 'admiring' the photo, I laughed.
Why? [No, I'm not insane. I'll get to my point later.]

I was comparing our local entertainment artists [singers and actors] with the Hollywood ones.
Don't you think we're becoming more and more like them?
When I said 'we',I was referring to our Malaysian artists.
Just look at how the female ones dressed nowadays.
I bet you can't find one that would wear a 'selipar Jepun' in public like Jolie did. He he he.
In some occasions, when there were local and international artists in them, our Malaysian artists outdid the international ones in terms of bearing more skin rather than covering them.
[I actually saw one in a newspaper, but couldn't find it in the net for me to share with you.Even if I did, I'd smudge the face so that none can tell who was it.LOL]

The recent happenings were even more dissappointing pour moi.
Some of the artists had the most glamorous so-called wedding of the year and the next thing you hear, the couple is already filing a divorce.
What a waste of money. Bet the orphans could use it for a better cause.
In my humble opinion, this isn't a healthy thing to do.
Then again, we don't really know what happen in their relationship so we can't comment much, can we?

The world is changing.
And Malaysia is globalized faster and faster.
I'm not saying that the artists are all BAD EXAMPLES [to our youth especially].
I do look up to some that have done really well in their career.
But even if the world is changing, we must not forget our roots, right?

I'm being bias, I know.
Just my 2 sen worth of opinion-lah.
No hard feelings, everyone..

Pitt is gorgeous, isn't he?
But not as handsome as my Redford [yet].


*Picture taken from

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letting out & Letting Go

these are the dilemmas i'm having right now. well, not actually dilemmas, they are just the things that i should do, but i think i should not. things regarding 2 of the most important people in my life. i will not go and elaborate further about who they are. the rest is up to your imagination(s). this entry is a follow up of my 'dream' or shall i say 'gangguan syaitan' [because i slept after subuh.]

the first one is about letting out what i truly think to someone. lately, he's being acting extremely weird. weird for his age, weird for his personality. i'm not sure whether weird is the correct word to use, but in short, he's not what he used to be. people closest to me are suffering right now because of his attitude. i cried a bucket when i first heard of his unlikely my dream, i let out what i felt in his face.he was so shocked, seeing my bold move. i, as everyone knows, am very introvert when it comes to letting out my feelings. i hid what i felt deep inside, no one could ever know it. but in that dream, i was brave enough to stand up and just shout to his ears what i felt. yes, i was satisfied. but in real life, i still don't know whether that's the appropriate thing to do. if i do that, i would be regarded as someone who does not respect the person that should always be respected. this story, only one person knows the details. and i was so grateful i decided to tell that person about it. in a way, i did let out my feelings to someone, even though not to the one i should let it out to. sigh~

next is the classic case of letting go of someone that you know is not meant for you. my closest friends should have no problem relating this story as you guys should know who i'm referring to. the thing is that, in that same dream, i confessed to him that i like(d) him these past 9 years. well, come to think of it, i think this is also a case of letting out my feelings. i think i have managed to let go of him already, out of my heart, but i can't seem to be satisfied without telling him what i used to feel. he's getting married in less than a month, and confessing to him after all these years might seem super-weird!! but i mean no harm. in fact, by telling him about it, i don't think it will change anything. well, maybe i won't be able to face him after this (malu, ok?!), but at the very least, i've told him the truth. i still can remember vividly the 'email' i wrote to him in that dream..[yes, i emailed him, didn't tell him in person!!]..hehehhe..even in that dream, i still malu. still didn't have the courage to tell him face to face or over the phone, even in a dream!!. LOL. erkkk..come to think of it, i haven't seen him (in person) ever since he went abroad. the last time i saw him, i think, was when i sent him @the airport back in '02. gosh!! i was only 19 in '02!! huhuhuhu..

am i even making any sense by writing this? or did i make you readers 'geram' with my attitude that doesn't want to let out what i really and truly feel? hehehehe.. this is me being me. i suffer alone.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Assalamualaykum..and good morning.

I was in front of the PC during free period and was thinking of what should I write today..
I thought hard but instead I clicked on Asni's blog and voilllllaa!!
There's today's topic! LOL

Actually it's the familiar TAG game we always have in our little blogosphere.
And since I'm clueless of what to write since this early moring, I decided to take up the 'challenge' hence completing an entry here.
Now that's killing two birds with a stone pour moi.

[which I can..legally.. hehehehehe..]
  • Asni's chocolate cake with lots of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup on it..
  • My mum's Ikan Percik.
  • Secret Recipe's Chicken Cornish.
  • McDonald's Oreo McFlurry.
  • Sushi..


  • Nestle Honey Stars with cold fresh milk.
  • Nasi Kerabu with Daging Bakar..
  • Pulut Panggang.
  • Nasi Kapit with Sambal Ikan.. [one of Kelantan's special delicacies..]
  • Nasi Dagang Kelantan with the same Sambal Ikan.


  • Guess I won't be buying anything.. will break fast with Ma+Adik at home today. :)

The tag game ends here, as I won't be tagging anyone.
But in case you're as clueless as I am this morning, feel free to share yours.. :)

Hrmmmm.. Ramadhan is coming to an end real soon.
I feel so sad deep down in my heart..
Hopefully we'll all get to 'meet' Ramadhan again next year..