Friday, October 8, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

*edited on 15th May~

Thanks to all for wishing me yesterday..
(Yeah, and thanks for reminding me that I'm OLD already.. huhuhu..) ☻


Pa'chik (terima kasih atas ingatan tu..),
Kak Ruby (thanks for you lovely words),
Fazlin (all the way fr Dublin, am so touched!),
eD (you wanted to make me an e-card? I prefer 'real' card from Hallmark! ;)),
Cik Asni (dear, thanks for the cake I shared it with my students..),
Lare (from Melbourne-you're so sweet),
Shaxu(I'm waiting for your treat!! =D) ,
Nana (thanks, love..when can we see each other??),
Faiz Naqiuddin (old buddy, you remembering my birthday means so much..),
Seri Nasimah (from Russia..thanks dear!),
Dyah (dear, thanks for your wish..),
Shambie (all the way from Cherating?? :)),
Mr Faqroul (such lovely words from deeply touched.),
Aboon (thanks for calling, babe!),
Idaxu(hey, thanks for your wish ya??),
Mi (I MISS YOU SO MUCH, girl!),
Kak pB (thanks for your wish, sis.. Kak pB doakan Fiz jumpa HERO cepat²,ok?),
Dek Inn (thanks, Inn..all the way from Indonesia),
Zack (my sweet zack, perhaps you can bake me something? hehehe..),
and Jib (hugs+kissess from me!).


I was feeling rather empty on my birthday.
Maybe because I'm away from family and closest friends.
But just so you know, you guys really make my day..
♥ ♥ ♥


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