Saturday, February 11, 2012



Finally, the moment that I'm afraid of has come.
Pa'chik, if you remembered, I once told you about this fear I'm having.
I guess they didn't take much time to do this.
Or should I just keep my mouth shut next time?
[Friends being saying mulut Fizzy ni masin!!]
Kan dah kena!!! Huwaaaaaaaaa!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bahaso Kelate 101

Lesson 1
I've been meaning to write a post on this for quite a long time.
You can say that I'm too proud of my dialect, that's why I want to share with all of you.
And I think this will do good, I hope.
Next time you come to Kelantan you'll face less problem understanding what the mokcik-mokciks are saying if you ever go to Pasar Siti Khadijah. LOL
FYI, when I was in TKC, we the Kelantanese 'taught' a few lessons on the Kelate "vocabulary" and "simple phrases" to our friends.
Back then we had quite a number of 'students' you know.

Well, to start off the lesson we'll begin with a few words that are totally different from Bahasa Melayu, spelling+pronunciation wise, but the meaning is the same.


1. SPRONG n.
- means teropong. Or binocular, telescope.

"Nok wak gapo sprong tu,Dolloh? Mung nok 'ngita oghe ko?"
(Nak buat apa teropong tu, Dollah? Kau nak mengintai orang ke?)

2. PELETING n. - ('pe' as in ape??, 'le' as in lelaki, 'ting' as in tingkap)
- can you guess?? hahahahha.. it's straw. Penyedut minuman lah in Bahasa.

"Main teguk gitu jah air nyo tu? Tokse paka peleting ko?"
(Main teguk macam tu je air kelapa tu? Tak nak pakai penyedut minuman ke?)

3. PEKONG v. -(pear, 'kung' as in kangkung)
- baling, lontar.
In English, throw lah.

"Wei, bakpo mung main pekong² batu ni? Keno 'palo aku siak laa mung!"
(Wei, kenapa kau main baling² batu ni? Kena kepala aku siap laa kau!)

4. GONYOH v.
- means scrub. In Bahasa, sental.

"Gayoh, acu mung gonyoh kuak gak sikik. Supo tok make setahung jah.."
(Gayah, cuba kau sental kuat sikit. Macam tak makan setahun je..)

5. SENGELENG adv. ('se' as in senyap, 'nge' as in ngetop di ERA, 'leng' as in geleng)
doing something on purspose. Sengaja.

"Mung meme sengeleng deh wak gitu, deki kak ku."
(Kau memang sengaja kan buat gitu, dengki kat aku.)


There you have it.
Weird ehh? They are all TOTALLY different from our mother tongue.
But that's why it's special.
The same goes for other dialects lah..
Like loghat Utara..Perak.. Sabah, Sarawak..
And not to forget, "Nogoghi".. ehehehehe..
5 years in Seremban, man..
Kato membosa kek nogoghi, ado la sikit² eden belaja. LOL

So till we meet again in the next lesson,

* n. -noun, v.-verb, adv.-adverb

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Heavenly" Heroes

This is my current favourite.
If you like "Heroes" then you'd be familiar with this song.
It's used as the promo song for the series.
Take it away,people..
(Actually I don't know what to post in today's entry..hence the lyrics.. =D)

Heaven by Nidji

Don't beg, don't cry to your children
Don't even cry to your papa
Don't try to beg to your people
Don't even cry to your mama

Heaven is too far away... tonight
Heaven is too far away... tonight

Don't laugh don't scream to your children
Don't even cry to your sister (to your sister)
Don't talk don't play with the children
Cause you ain't gonna get my heart

Heaven is too far away... tonight
Heaven is too far away... tonight

Friday, February 3, 2012


To Achik and Ms Istanbul.

Thanks for still 'menjenguk' this blog.
Will continue updating this once the school break ends.

Take care!!

testing mail2blogger

since i'm not into blogging lately, so i guess posting via email should do the trick.
hence, i'm testing it now..

nur hafiza hj hasan -- fizhasan