Wednesday, January 12, 2011



These days, I mourn over the un-democratic situations in our country.
I feel like the freedom to state one's own opinion is blocked.
Citizens are being treated like rubbish.. with no mercy at all.
I wonder if this is the peaceful Malaysia we always boast about?

True, demonstration or street rally is not our 'budaya'.
Starting from the Batu Buruk incident to the BERSIH rally and the latest was the Hindraf demo.
But IMHO, the demonstrations would never turned out to be ugly if our police force did their part well.
After all they didn't mean any harm to the public at all.
If they weren't provoked with water canon and poison gas, I doubt they would act violently.
This is rather a case of something that was suposed to be so simple and easy to handle turned the other way around.

Truth be told, this entry is not my way of letting out my wrath against the government.
But watching the recent events,just made my heart ache.
There are definitely better ways to handle stuff but we preferred the hard and harsher way.
Sadly the 'friendly Malaysians' remains a tale now.

Media blackout?
Now that's another story to be wrapped up next time.

In the mean time I just need to ease my sadness upon what's happening in our beloved country.
And by that I mean another fruit pudding coming right up into my fridge!


Thursday, January 6, 2011


In The Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah, after almost a month struggling with the template codes and finding time to update the blog, I finally managed to come up with a post.
Actually it's not that I'm super-busy, or I didn't have any thing to share/tell.
But to be frank, I was quite 'lazy' to sit and knock the keyboard.
Blame my long school break, but there are reasons for my 'laziness', you know.
Hehehehe..(now cracking my head trying to find excuses..)
Numero uno, when I was online, and hoping to post something, ideas don't just flow like water in Johor's flood.
And when I did have something in mind to tell, I was not online at the time.
To worsen the situation, I was bored with the previous template.
And since coding is not my forte, finding the right free template did take a lot of my time.
Everytime I change my template, it reminds me of K.Ruby.
'Change is good', she said.
Hence I took a 'little bit' longer time to do this good thing.
So those reasons somehow affected my 'enthusiasm' to write.
[If anyone was waiting for my updates, so sorry..]

So, what am I up to lately?
It's endless.
But luckily K.Ruby's 'new year gift' to me bright up my gloomy days.
Will tell you about it in the next post, InsyaAllah.

Anyhoo, how do you all like my blog's new look?


Saturday, January 1, 2011



Seems like my love for writing prevents me from leaving this blog for long.
As for yours truly, writing gives me a sort of satisfaction.
It feels like I'm sharing my thoughts and stories with people closest to me.
So, I really hope you'll accept me blogging again.

I've been blaming myself for quite some time now.
And I can't really say that I've stopped doing that.
I still feel that way..

Achik..Kak pB..thanks A LOT for giving me full support through the times I consider "hard".
And pa'chik for always making me laugh..
It was hard for me, even though you guys might feel otherwise.
But life must go on, and I've to face the fact.
And accept his decision.. [though that only saddens me~]

Tomorrow InsyaAllah I'll be leaving for a short trip to North.
If only I could meet him, that would be better,wouldn't it? :(
But no,on the other hand, that'll make thing even worse that it already has.

Anyways, this song means SO MUCH to me.
Do cherish the song and its meaningful lyrics.
The first time I heard it, I cried.. whole heartedly.




jangan lagi kau sesali keputusanku
kutak ingin kau semakin kan terluka
tak ingin ku paksakan cinta ini
meski tiada sanggup untuk kau terima

aku memang manusia paling berdosa
khianati rasa demi keinginan semu
lebih baik jangan mencinta
biarku dan semua hatiku
karena takkan pernah kau temui
cinta sejati

berakhirlah sudah semua kisah ini
dan jangan kau tangisi lagi
sekalipun aku takkan pernah mencoba kembali padamu
sejuta kata maaf terasa kan percuma
sebab rasa ku tlah mati untuk menyadarinya

semoga saja kan kau dapati
hati yg tulus mencintaimu
tapi bukan aku