Tuesday, April 12, 2011



My previous post dated January 29th.
LOL.. I haven't been blogging here for exactly a month!
Good job, fizzy! Good job!
Pa'chik hasn't been bugging me to update [perhaps he gave up doing that all the time! haha..], that's one of the reasons why no updates whatsoever from yours truly.

I also promised Achik I'd change my layout, but I have yet to find time to waste in order to do that.
Perhaps soon.. hopefully soon.
Reading Ms Istanbul's entries, they really made my heart smiles..
I'm happy for you! :)
And oh! I envy you for getting the VIP seat for the football game. :|
FYI, I'm a true Liverpool fan.. :D

At this very moment, I'm still struggling managing my time so that work can be completed accordingly.
I'm already wayyyyyyyyyy behind schedule for some work which got me really tensed.
My kids come second nowadays because of the stuff that we,teachers,have to do.
But blame my terrible time management, I just couldn't keep up sometimes.

The coming General Election is making me excited all over.
I can't wait to cast my vote on March 8th at my old primary school.
It's my FIRST GE,and political stuff really excites me now. LOL
Almost everyone is talking about changes right now.
I doubt that will happen in this coming GE,.. but Allah knows best. ;)
IMHO, the election SYSTEM itself needs severe REVAMP.
After we have a FAIR and JUST voting system, then only we can dream of having a change.
Am I being biased? Or obvious?

Well, it's just my humble sepuluh sen worth of thought

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