Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Actually I don't have anything to say..
I have mixed feelings at this very moment.
Hmmmmm..let me update you about my dull life these past few days, my boring life right now and my soon to be uninteresting life in the future.


Thursday, 10th of May 2007
- I planned to go home early today, only to be told that there would be a programme for the Year Six kids later in the afternoon. Damn. The programme started at 2.30 p.m and lasted for 2 whole hours. Then I had to accompany the facilitator for tea and whatnot, drove back to Kelantan at approximately 5.30 p.m.
-I arrived home when the Muazin called the Muslims for Maghrib prayers. (maybe it was my Abah, I still can't recognize his voice when he Azan..)
-Fatigue and a headache. I went to bed early, hence missed my friend Idya's birthday. (sorry,babe.. hope you had a joyous one!)

Friday, 11th of May 2007
-Got a call from UPM. =( I was told that I was THE ONLY one from Kota Bharu that qualified for their Bachelor in TESL programme (long distance learning). Sad to say they need at least 3 people to open a class. I felt numb the moment I heard that. Devastated,frustrated, dumbstrucked. All in one.
-Ma reminded me that I had to send Adik for her tuition class @12.45.
-Went online around 10a.m and read Pa'chik and Mr Incognito's blog. Mr I added me on YM and we chatted that morning. Man, was I inspired!
-Sent Adik for her tuition around 12.30, after my Ma's nagging.. LOL (I got carried away with YM and blogs..)
-Picked up Adik and we went to Shambie's. She wanted to have a photoshoot session of the stuff she's selling at her online store. I envied Shambie dearly, for being so creative.

Saturday, 12th of May 2007
-Struggled to finish up the "Buku Laporan Mengajar Harian".. I promised Asni to be at her house around 2p.m.
-Arrived at Asni's around 3p.m. Shambie was already there. Chatted, gossiped a little bit while eating Asni's healthy chocolate cake. LOL
-From 3p.m to 6.30 p.m, Asni,Shambie,Umi (Asni's mom) and me only managed to finish ONE hantaran. ROTFL.
-Received an advance birthday gift from the lovely Cik Asni. She made me another healthy chocolate cake. The topping I had to make it myself. LOL. (Thanks, love..that's so sweet of you! Though your cake is not that sweet.. hehehehehe..)
-Watched "Selimut Putih" on TV3 and I cried. It's a drama about anak² derhaka. SEDIH!!!!!



Sunday, 13th of May 2007
-I woke up at 4.50a.m, took a nice, cold shower, and then a cup of coffee. Asked Abah to reverse my car before he and Ma went to the mosque.
-Subuh @5.45 a.m and then started driving to work. Stopped at BCB for some cash, went to Shell and gave my car a FULL tank. Singgah rumah sewa, to leave my luggage and other stuff before I go to school.
-Finished some work @the office, and my Boss gave me an advance birthday present. (Kak pB, this time rasa marah lupa..segan laa pulok!).
-At this very moment, I'm updating my blog (after finishing all the classes for today) and waiting for my friend. We'll be going to Marang for a meeting.



-I'll be 24 in less than 24 hours. Dang!



p/s: will add some pictures later.

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