Tuesday, April 5, 2011



To me, I'm a terrible decision maker.
I do things when time is almost running out.
People closest to me [especially my colleagues + boss], are well aware of this bad quality of mine.

On a different note, I'm getting better at making things worse these days.
But heck, I'm a different person now [I wish!!!]..
I am selfish, cruel and couldn't care less of what's happening around me.
As long as I'm happy, I'm happy.. [on the outside at least.]
Come to think of it, that's just another bad quality I've acquired, kan?

Getting back to the topic, I'm beginning to consider closing down this account @blogspot.
As much as I love my identity "fizhasan", I'm suffocating now.
I can't breathe here anymore.. and my mind is getting numb each day.
Perhaps I shouldn't reopen after the short hiatus status last time.

But still, I looooooooooove writing.
This passion I have for writing, no one can ever take it away.
Hence this blog is the place for me to let out my feelings.
[This is the downside of being single+available, ok people? Should I have a boyfriend, he might end up dead deaf by now listening to me whining.. huhu~]

However, it is still in my consideration.
I might close down this 'premise', but InsyaAllah I won't disappear in this blogosphere.
It is afterall, THE place where I got to know loads and loads of unforgettable, extraordinary and special people like:

and the list goes on..

They have all touched my heart in their own special kind of ways.
Up to a point that I felt like I've known them for ages.

Yes, I am terribly confused now.
But no, I don't think I felt a pang of guilt anymore.
I've just turned into the virtual version of "Cruella De Vil".


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