Friday, April 1, 2011

of single dads and 'duda'..

i was planning to post about something serious at first, but the mood to talk about stuff like that is just not there tonight. so, same like the previous post, i'll justwrite an entry about some entertainment-related stuff now..just to lighten up the gloomy days i'm in nowadays.. now,shall we.. ?! *lol*

people closest to me might know this about yours truly : I AM CRAZY ABOUT KOREAN DRAMAS! and after a few years watching numerous dramas and movies from S.Korea.. i fell in love with almost everything about the country.. its culture, language and handwriting, music and the list goes on.

anyway, after years of watching these dramas.. there are a few of them that potray characters of single dads and duda [divorced man].. but they don't do justice-lah i think.. in ALL the dramas, ALL the single dads and duda are EXTREMELY hot!! i mean, does it make sense when these so-good-looking guys [just to show a few] are single dads or duda[s]?

[Oh Ji Ho in 'Single Dad in Love']

[Kim Seong Su in 'Bad Love']

[Ryu Jin in 'Mom's Dead Upset']

being 'in love' with korean dramas, i tend to have this kind of perception that ALL single dads or duda are to-die-for!! they are extremely hot and very successful in life. silly me, kan? rotflol. if only life is just as the dramas that i've watched. it'll sure be so colorful..

oh, and just to be fair.., hollywood's not any different. these are miss b's favourite single dad + duda.. lol.. [sorry i dragged you into this too,sis ;)] we need a break from all the stress we've been dealing lately. cheers!

[single dad Agent Seeley Booth a.k.a David Boreanaz in 'Bones']

[divorced Dr Derek Shepherd a.k.a Patrick Dempsey in 'Grey's Anotomy']

so, anyone knows any HOT single dads or duda out there? tell him i said hi.


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