Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mahsuri !!!

Back to blogging again, after a weekend full of rest.

Last week I thought I read in Cik Asni's blog that she and Yani can't seem to remember their House Song. (Selindang Delima a.k.a Green House.)
Well, before I go on and boast around with my House Song(s), just a quick info for those who don't know about our school.

Red House is Mahsuri.
Blue House is Tun Fatimah.
Yellow House is Siti Zawiah.
And Green House is Selindang Delima.


Mahsuri, Mahsuri..
Rumah Merah yang kupuja
Disanjung pada setiap masa
Berbakti dengan setia hingga kita berjaya
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Ahli-ahli Rumah Mahsuri
Tetap taat berbakti
Bergotong-royong setiap hari
Majulah Rumah Mahsuri

Bendera Mahsuri tetap selalu berkibar
Majulah dalam semua lapangan
Gagal mesti ditentang, jangan berputus asa..
Mahsuri, Mahsuri, Mahsuri..

Come Mahsurians, up Mahsurians
Let's keep our flags fly up high
Victory's our destination,
That's the fact we can't deny

So let us all get together
Don't be sorry if we lose
Let's be joyful, it'll be better
So now forward we must push

Come Mahsurians, that's the spirit
That's the spirit we must keep
Never be shy to take defeat
Rise again and take the lead.

From the lounge of Block D Mahsuri
To the court of TKC
We present our team with dignity
And we hope that we will win

And we hope to see the glory
Of the team called Mahsuri
We are the Mahsurians are proud of you
Come on you girls, on your feet!


There you go, Asni, Yani and fellow 9600..
My House Songs.. =D

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