Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i know i have not been blogging for ages. those who've asked, and being concerned about my whereabouts, i cannot thank you enough. i am touched. it's freedom from upsr today. my kids have ended their 'fight' towards excellence at approximately 1 p.m. today. i hope they did well in their english papers.

i have been busy. juggling time for work and study. as i told miss B, and those who know me, i'm the worst in time management. i like to do things at the very last minutes. so in the end, it's me who'll suffer. sigh~

sorry, couldn't care less of the correct punctuation or grammar. too lazy to knock on the 'shift' keypad or check the grammatical errors. i'm off to kampung today.will have a long break from school as i'm going to KL this coming sunday for a meeting.

my dearest friends, i'll be staying at hotel impian morib. i know it's a far far away land from KL, so, please drop by if you want to meet up. or better yet, 'kidnap' me and take me for a raya shopping spree! lol.

that's all for now. will be back with more stories from now on. i have to start writing more i think. it'll be a great help for my assignments. ;)

take care people!!!

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