Friday, October 5, 2012


I almost forgot how great it is just to be with friends.
Hanging out together, chatting about stuff that doesn't really matter to the world [read: gossip!]
It was a bliss last school break though, as I got the chance to do those stuff.
Since I've been working [4th year now], I don't think I get to 'enjoy' much.
Except during weekends with Shambie [when she leaves her beloved Terengganu] and Aboon [when she's on leave from work/study].
Other than that, internet is my sole source of entertainment and joy.
Oh, and my niece and nephews that I had to babysit.

I'm glad I decided to meet up and catch up with those closest to me while I was in KL last week.
These are the highlights of my [as Mache and everybody like to put it] rather SHORT visit..;

  • house warming @ fqrl's. I got to meet [finally!!] an old friend with a totally new 'image'. Yeah, he got me stunned and out of words. It was definitely a great rendezvous even though I was being picked on [and 'betrayed'] most of the time. Oh, did I mention we were 2 hours late to the house warming? All thanks to Pak Lah's announcement on oil price hike earlier that day.
  • 'lepak' @living room with Shaxu while waiting for Idya [before going to fqrl's crib]. I still can't forget the yummylicious popiah basah Shaxu brought me and the fact that we were watching RTM at that moment. LOL. Oh, we were busy gossiping anyways. :D
  • adhoc lunch date with Asni + Adrin. A short meet-up slash catch-up session, but it was worth it. It felt like yearssssss since I last saw Asni.
  • a VERY short date with Nanakuhhhh.. too bad I had to rush home that day. But @least I was able to get myself an MNG purse on her advice, sadly we didn't have time to shop for shoes..huuhuhuhuhu..
  • I got to meet 2 bloggers. Kak pB and ninadewe [from Indonesia]. Had breakfast with kak pB, but only spent a few minutes with Nina..both of us had prior plans.
  • lastly, the NEVERENDING phone calls to Idya.. mostly [if not ALL] asking for directions. FYI, I got lost multiple times, and yeah it took me 'hours' to get to a place that shoud have taken only a few minutes according to Idya.. :P Oh, yes. I got HONKED dozens of times too.

All in all, I had a splendid time even though it was limited.
I apologize to those who weren't informed that I was coming.
As I said, it's work related [even though I didn't mention anything about it], and to find time to actually meet those mention above, amazed yours truly as well.
I ended up with a back ache anyway..I guess I really pushed myself that last day.

Okay, Mache and Fqrl.. I get your point.
I think I should do this more often. :p


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