Monday, June 4, 2012


A friend of mine depised the idea of placing the "SingingBox" in my sidebar.
He thought that it's very irritating.. Huhuhuhu..
Do y'all think so too?

The reason why I put the "SingingBox" is to share my current favourite mp3.
Or the kind of songs that I like to listen to.
No matter what the language is.. Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Bahasa, English..
As long as the melody suits me, I'll fall in love with the song within seconds.
Just so you know, there's a "STOP" button there.
I beg you to just click on it if you think it bothers you.
(Do I sound angry? Hehehe..don't misunderstand me,ok? I'm not.)

What say you my other readers?
Shall I put away the "Box that Sings"...??
Do tell, if many of you detest the idea, then I'll delete it right away.

On a similar note, Asni said she tagged me.
Again. (Asni darling,'re really into this TAG thingy right??)
Hehehehehehe.. but I think I'll pass.
You don't mind, do you?
It's just that 2001 was not a 'joyful' or 'memorable' year for me.
When I was 18, I felt lost. Don't really know where I was heading to.
I think I've no fond memories that year, except my Kak Yong got married.

But, let me fill your curiousity with something quite similar to the task in that Tag game.
I happen to have a few songs that remind me of those special in my heart.

One Sweet Day (Mariah Carey&BoysIIMen)
- reminds me of you and all the Thoroughbreds 9600. I think this song was so popular back when we were in Form 1. You know, everytime I hear this song, I would always picture us going to the Dining Hall for breakfast, Prep Class, walking through the Lover's Lane in college, Friendship Day.. =) This is OUR song,kan?.

Smooth (Santana feat. Rob Thomas)
-this song never fails to remind me of Jasman Haris. Do you still remember him, Asni? The oh-so-cute SASian who came to our French Day and stole my heart away? Hahahahaha.. (Joking lah! Marah F****n nanti!) For the record, he's chubby now, you know. So the cuteness has gone with the wind-lah. LOL. But Jasman's a good friend, no doubt about it. His friendship, is definitely worth keeping. And as to why this song reminds me of him, I also don't know. Maybe he once told me it was his favourite.

Ku Impikan Bintang (Sean Ghazi)
- this song by Sean Ghazi reminds me of Kak Ruby. In fact, all of Sean's songs remind me of her. Why, because she wrote such wonderful entry about Sean in her blog and I got butterflies listening to Sean's voice and watching him in his music video. But the main reason is because Kak Ruby actually went through all the troubles to get me his CD (that time it was not yet available in KB, early 2007.) She called me to get my address and get it posted. Thanks, Kak Ruby. I was deeply touched..

Here Without You (3 Doors Down)
- Fqrl. This particular song reminds me of him. I guess it's because he introduced me to it. And I fell in love with the song on the spot. The lyrics have got nothing to do with him, me or our friendship but still, whenever I hear this song, I'll automatically think of him. A v.good friend and counselor/advisor.

Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

There you have it.
Hope this satisfies your curiousity,Asni darling.

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