Saturday, June 9, 2012



It's official.
It's finally been decided.
(read here.)
The place where I grew up and met friends who I can call family will finally be relocated to another location.
When I read that in Asni's blog yesterday, I felt as if I was being stabbed straight into my heart.
Some may think that I over-reacted given the fact that I somehow already knew this was coming sooner or later, but when it's officially announced, I almost cried.

TKC is not only a school for me [and each of us TKCians], but it's also a place where we learn all about life, love and most importantly friendship.
As I always say, the five years spent in Bukit Merbah was the best years in my life and nothing can take away the fond memories [and also bitter ones] I had there.
The college spirit may always be with us no matter we go, but it's not the same.
I just can't imagine if we're having our 10th year gathering [for example] at another place, not in our old school compound.
The feeling must be totally different.

But who am I to say what to do and vice versa.
I'm just a plain TKC Old Girl with our college spirit that'll stay with me till the day I die.
I'll be damned if they make our old school compound as another school.
[Like what happened to SAS and SDAR..]
Then again., this is just another rambling from me..~


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