Saturday, June 2, 2012



Did I ever mention I love ROBERT REDFORT so much??
For a man his age, I think he's HOT.
You don't think so??
Think again.


Apart from his good looks [albeit the fact that he goes for "nip/tuck" occassionally], he's one of my favourite actor of all time.
I would cry every time I watch him and Michelle Pfeiffer in "Up Close & Personal".
Reason being, he died in that movie.
I usually hate sad ending movies, but I made exception for this piece.
And just tonight, I managed to see him in "Indecent Proposal", with Demi Moore.
Again he made me cry.
No, he didn't die in this one in case you are wondering.
I cried because he was being a true gentleman, letting Demi go for another guy [who she was more in love with,and happened to be her husband.]
I know it sounds stupid, but I won't bore you with the whole storyline.
He's my man. Period.

When can I meet MY Robert Redfort?
He he he.


(Feel like vomitting?? Yes, you may do so now. LOL)

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