Thursday, October 6, 2011



It took me a few text messages by Madame Asni when I finally decided to update here.
Was I busy 'elsewhere'??
Well, not really but partially yes. Hehe.

So many things that I really wanna share here, but right at this very moment, nothing seems to be coming out from my mind.
My fingers just keep on knocking on the keyboard without no specific topic at all.
Perhaps it's better for me to just be the reader this time.
At least during this school holidays.

Being at home is kinda distracting for me,you know..
Why?? THE KITCHEN is always calling out for me. LOL
I spent most of my time baking [if not sleeping in my room..hehe]

This couple of week I managed to bake a good almond tart for my family.
My first attempt,and according to Ma, it was scrumptious. Ehemmm!
Besides that, a chocolate cake [Abah's favourite now] and a horrible-looking-yet-delicious fruit pudding.
Tomorrow insyaAllah it will be either chocolate brownies or chocolate cupcakes.
[Baking gives me satisfaction somehow...]

I've been watching Martha Stewart quite religiously now, so no wonder lah kan?

I guess that's all for now.
A little update from me just to make sure everybody knows I'm still around.


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