Saturday, October 8, 2011



I can't remember the last time I had chocolates.
By chocolates I mean pure ones, barred or truffle-like.
Not like Kit-Kat or Snickers or M&Ms..

Seroiusly, at this very moment, I crave for those sweet tasting and delicious Belgian chocolates.
I don't know why, but I'm salivating right now just by seeing the photos @Google.
Maybe this is the effect Cik Asni who loves chocolates gave me.
[This girl is so crazy about chocolates, I wonder how Encik Abdul can top that.. LOL]
Too bad I can't find those mouthwatering Belgian chocolates here in Setiu. [Yup, there's no 7-Eleven here..]

These heavenly delicious chocolates sure look so inviting, don't you think?

FYI, I often have these kind of cravings [not necessarily chocolates].
Especially when I'm about to go home for weekends or school break.
These cravings usually last for one week before I head home.

For example, last month I craved for "Spaghetti Olio".
It's the simplest Italian dish where you only have to saute the spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, seasoning[chicken/anchovy] and dried chillies.
[I added fresh prawns for some 'kick'.]
Simple, but my mother and sister love it.
Abah didn't get to taste it because I only made enough for 2 people to eat. [My first try, so I had no confidence yet. But it turned out ok.]

And the last couple of week, it was "Mee Kari/ Curry Noodles".
Abah+Ma are not big fans of Mee Kari, .. and so am I actually.
But I simply can't explain the craving for it, you know.
Not that I'm pregnant or what.. LOL
Living with friends in a rumah sewa, I think most of you can guess-lah our main dish.
Maggi/Mamee, Gardenia and sometimes nasi air [a.k.a bubur nasi] or laksa from our neighbour's stall.
So that explains, right?

And one more thing, the cravings maybe due to the fact that I don't fancy going out and buy food from the restaurants/gerai.
I prefer to cook my own meal at home.
And if you're wondering whether it's edible or not, that's another story to tell.
LOL! But I'm that bad ok?

Just so you know, if I can have even one piece of Belgian chocolate right now, I'd be damn happy.


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