Tuesday, September 6, 2011


These days, I just don't feel like writing.. or blogging to be exact.
I rarely visit my friends' blogs too.
And even if I did, no notes were left in the comment box for them to read.. or to know that I 'stopped by' their blog.
This laziness.. has been part of myself lately.
What's with a new year, may I ask?
New resolutions? I don't have any. So does that make me a loser?
I don't 'torture' myself thinking of what I wanna achieve this particular year.
Failure to complete them, will eventually makes me feel like I'm a loser.
IMHO, things should be done gradually.. one thing at a time.
In my own pace.
And why am I sounding so negative, you ask?
Well, today I had to say good-bye to a very, very good collegue.
A teacher..a mentor..an advisor. He's phenomenal.
Moving to a new place, leaving us all behind.. well, that really changed my mood today.

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