Sunday, May 8, 2011



The General Election is finally over and we've all knew the results.
Some were happy with the results, while others perhaps had been crying since last Saturday wondering what went wrong.
Am I making you bored with this topic?
Hehehehehehe.. as I said before, politic excites me nowadays.
I love talking about it and sometimes debate with the 'opposition' believer.

If not handled 'professionally', these talks about politic might end up as a fight due to the clash of understanding.
This happened to yours truly yesterday, during the 1 hour break between the PTK papers.
I was talking to this kakak who is a true-blue believer.
The problem is that, she only wanted me to listen and accept her opinion and refused to listen to mine.
Though I provided the rationales and sources of my 'story', she kept getting under my nerves.
Hence to prevent further 'damages' to our conversation, I called up Abah, asking about Adik's SPM results [which was better than mine! huhu]..

It's refreshing to know that the people still RULE the country.

I'm keeping my hopes high for the positive changes in the near future.
This election results are the EYE-OPENER to both parties, the government and the opposition [or as DSAI likes to put it as "Alternative Government" or "Government-in-Waiting"].
For the government to work harder and more transparent, in order to win back the people's hearts.
And for the opposition to work even harder, to prove that the people weren't wrong when they decided to vote for them.


Glad to call him MY leader.


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