Wednesday, May 11, 2011



According to my blogspot count, this entry will be my 121st..
Cheisss.. from March 2005 until June 2007 with this account, that's all I came up with?
I guess I'm not much of a writer as I always want to be.

I was blog hopping just now and saw a blog that reminded me of my first one.
Yeah, to those who only knew me from this blog, I actually started blogging since 2004.
9th june 2004 to be precise.
That blog though, I reckon it was a sort of 'dedication' to someone that used to be quite special to me.
(Get your facts correct now my dear friends, he was not my bf. I just adored him, that's all.)

(click on the picture to visit my old blog.)

I don't know why I felt this sudden urge to pay a visit to my old 'home'.
Reading some of the entries I posted there when I was still a student.
Hahahahaha. I felt 3 years younger all of a sudden.
You know, reading about my crush and all.
How I came up with poems for him et cetera.
But I'm so over him by now,okay? Seriously.
(But not the other one... hahahahaha..)

Why blogging?
That's one helluva question..
I guess my MAIN reason is to get my brain working.
You see, unlike some people who can write straight from their mind, I have to think before I write.
I've to think A LOT.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying y'all don't think before you write.
We all do.
But I'm a grammar freak, and a spelling freak.
So I double, or triple checked my entries before I post them.

Once, I told Kak Ruby how I really wanted to write as good as her.
Alas, I still have a long way to go judging from the 'frequency' of my posts.
I don't write that much in order to be on a par with her.
I always get jealous (in a good way-lah) with people who write so well.
I think they are gifted.

But blogging is not just about writing or updating stuff about my oh-so-boring life.

I made friends.
Though some of which I may only contact via this cyberspace, but they are my friends nonetheless.
And I love them as much.
From blogging I get to know these special people and a lot more that are beyond description.

♥ ♥ ♥
Kak Ruby.
A great woman, so full of life and young at heart.

Abe Id.
A great man, so full of life and young at heart.

I like his straight forward-ness. (if there's such a word lah.)

Mr Incognito.
I learn a lot for this 'anonymous' guy.

Kak pB.
She's like an older sister to me, I think I can talk about almost everything with her.

Extraordinary. (Oh, is he that incredible?) Hehehehe..
♥ ♥ ♥

In the end, I think blogging have done good to me.
So I think I'll write more in the future..


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