Monday, May 9, 2011



According to Blogger, this is my 145th entry for this blog.
Hrmmmmm.. that shows my so called 'enthusiasm' to write.
Only that much in three years of blogging here.

Anyway, today is the Merdeka Celebration @my school.
Just now we had our short assembly..
The kids sang a few songs and as for your truly, the duty never change.
I'm the 'honourable photographer' of the day..
[am using the digital camera not DSLR like 'some people'.. LOL]

Achik asked me to write about my trip to Langkawi.
[Hehehehhehe.. that bad kan? I have to have people remind me to update!! LOL]
Well, to cut the story short, the experience was a mixture of bitter+sweet memories.
Why? Wasn't I supposed to be enjoying myself there?
Well, I did not.

On the other hand, let me tell you the whole story lah.
Since I don't have any topics to say for now.

I actually looked for some infos on the hotel before I went to Langkawi.
The first impression..well enough said that it brought smiles to me..
Nice architecture, picturesque scenery,beautiful rooms et cetera.
Seeing that got me so excited.. but at the same time I did prepare myself in case things differ from what they appeared to be.

From the ferry, as we were reaching the Jetty Point, I could see the hotel from afar.
And yes, it looked exactly like what I saw in the website.
Something like this :

Nice isn't it?
It somehow reminded me of the castles in the Fairy Tales..
Cinderella, Snow White et cetera..
But in reality it's definitely not that..

I mean.. yes..the building was beautiful and all..
But what got us all disappointed was the service and hotel management.
We were informed at the lobby that the hotel did not have enough rooms for us.


From the supposedly 2 persons per room, we were given some apartments.
10-12 pax each apartment.
Rasa macam rumah kongsi pun ada!!

As soon as we got into the apartment, came another shocking 'discovery'..
Carlsberg bucket was in the living room..
And the room was FILTHY..TOTAL MESS.
Our disappointment was beyond words.. come on lah kan, they should at least ask the housekeeping to tidy+clean up the room before giving us the key.

And you think that's bad enough?
Wait till you read this..

The next morning there was no water in our apartments!!

That's insanely ridiculous, right?
Something that's unacceptable for me..
Do tell me what you think.. can we accept that kind of service?

Even so, I managed to get something for my family,friends and myself too.
And besides the interesting Cable Car ride and shopping, I think nothing in Langkawi interests me.
Being there, I felt as if I was in Pengkalan Kubor or Rantau Panjang..
With makcik-makcik buying pinggan mangkuk periuk belanga and all..
Hehehehehe.. the only difference is the development lah..
Back in PK & RP we don't have Starbucks or Kenny Roger's or Sembonia Boutique et cetera..

I bought lots and lots of chocolates there. [yes, puan asni.. I did..]
And a handbag+purse+necklace pour moi.

In a nutshell, the trip was only okay for me.
Not that exciting.
Then again, maybe it's the company..
Afterall, I went there with the Puteris of UMNO kan.. LOL
[Pa'chik menjeling tajam... hehehehehehe..]
Maybe it would be a different experience if I went there with my family or friends.


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