Sunday, October 10, 2010

*sob sob*


Lately, I think I'm being overly sensitive.
By being sensitive I mean it's quite easy for me to cry these past few days.
I cried over a-little-bit-stupid thing like I did a few days back.
Last night, I even cried when watching the final episode of an American sitcom "Still Standing".
[I cried because last night's episode was about parents neglecting their child, not because the series ended,ok?=)]

And just now, while reading Cik Puan Asni's latest entry, I couldn't help myself but to shed tears.
Reading about what happened to Abah before the aqad, it made my heart sink.
Even though I already knew about the incident, but reading it through Asni's writing touched my heart again.
It shows how great a father could and should be, esapecially when it comes to marrying off your first child.
The part that saddens me most was when Asni said she didn't cry during the aqad, but *Abah did.
It's true, as I eye-witnessed that when Abah came into Asni's room and asked for her accordance for the aqad.
Abah's eyes were filled with tears.

Asni, I think since your engagement I finally could see the soft side of your Abah.
I mean, all this while, we always regarded Abah as the serious type, one that you could not bergurau with etc.
Perhaps, that mainly because we rarely have conversations with him. [Like we have with Ummi. =)]
Well, the new-found Abah that we know now is so sweet, and caring.
The same goes to Ummi.

To say that my over-sensitiveness these days is due to post-PMS, I think it's a bit overrated.
I come to a conclusion that the main reason is because I really² miss my family and friends.
The two weeks holidays spent with them, and suddenly working for the whole week after, is a bit too much for my emotions to handle.
I just need to see them.



*Abah+Ummi in this entry are Asni's parents. Hope I didn't confused anyone by referring her parents as Abah+Ummi. =)

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