Monday, October 11, 2010



It's school break, my friends.
From 7th - 15th of March 2008.

InsyaAllah, if GE goes well [meaning we get the results as we wanted for our state..hehe], my family and I will be going to Cameron Highlands.
A getaway my brother in law has planned for all of us..[so not really connected to GE-lah]
I'm not really looking forward to go to Tanah Tinggi actually [as I'm more tempted to go shopping in KL], but alas, bila lagi kan?

Then on the 12th of March I'll be sitting for my PTK examination AGAIN.
Please, I'm in desperate need for your prayers so that I'll pass with flying colours this time.
For the record, in order to 'naik tangga gaji' [don't ask me what tangga means], we have to get Band 4 for the two papers we'll be sitting for.
Last time I only got Band 3 for both papers.

Lastly, to Pa'chik, in light of the coming GE, I pray for the wellness of our state, Kelantan Darul Naim.
May the Almighty Allah Subhanah Wataala be with us.


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