Sunday, October 3, 2010



My report on our escapade last weekend will have to wait.
Firstly, because the pictures are not ready.. [photoshop-ing most of them!:D]
And most importantly because I want to share this with all of you reading.

Yesterday evening, as I was driving home from school I heard from the news in Era that our country is ranked 6th in the World Competitiveness Year Book by IMD.
What is IMD? I too had no idea until Wan gave me the link to its press release this morning.
I quote that report :

IMD, International Institute for Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland, is recognized as one of the world leaders in executive education.
I thought the rank was too good to be true, but I kept to myself and planned to look more into it during my free time today.
But Wan saved my time when he gave me the link.. and my goodness!
Was I shocked to see the real rank of our oh-so-called-competetive country..?
The truth is, we ranked...

23rd !

Sorry, I wasn't trying to toy with any political stuff or whatnot but why bluff?
23rd out of 55 countries is not that bad, if you ask me.
We have to be realistic and try to accept the fact.
Then only we can try harder to be better.. and really be in the 6th place.
Because we deserved it.

Friends who are reading this might think that it's still not our 'thing' to be talking about this.
But please be reminded that we ARE in fact turning into 25 this year. [sob-sob]
That's a QUARTER of a century,babes.. so, it's time to be talking serious stuff too.
At least once in a while.. [most of the time we'll be GOSSIPPING.. lol!]

Here are the links that I got from my friend Azwan this morning..
Read and do give me some opinions.
And if I misunderstand any of that stuff, I stand to be corrected.


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