Friday, February 4, 2011

just not my day

well.. i've written/typed quite a long entry before this, but decided to delete them all.. the words were just so dull. it's like i'm writing in my own personal diary or something like that. lol. as you can see up there, today's just not my day. it started out well this morning. i was feeling happy and cheerful and fresh and full of energy. i came to work feeling very, very positive.

but a colleague informed me a devastating news just as i was about to start work. he told me that our boss [a.k.a the headmistress] was denied of her application for an early retirement by the ministry. my mood changed all of a sudden. in my lab, my mp3 player kept playing moody+gloomy+emo songs all morning. that news was not what i wanted to hear today.

i quickly applied for a transfer right after that. one to kelantan,my hometown and the other one is to besut, a district of terengganu, the nearest to kelantan. i just have to leave this school, i thought. it's not that i don't like it here. in fact, the school's awesome. the facilities are complete. my collegues are all fine, they are very helpful and we are all like siblings already.

it's just that i can't imagine being under her administration for another year. can't handle the pressure. she's just not the type of boss that you'd want to work with. or at least not my type. i know it's beyond my power to 'choose' my boss. and as cliche as it may sound, i know life is not a bed of thorn-less roses. but since i have other options, i would take up any chance that i had in order to 'run away' from her.

today's not my day. hope to hear some thing good soon. sigh~

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