Wednesday, January 12, 2011



These days, I mourn over the un-democratic situations in our country.
I feel like the freedom to state one's own opinion is blocked.
Citizens are being treated like rubbish.. with no mercy at all.
I wonder if this is the peaceful Malaysia we always boast about?

True, demonstration or street rally is not our 'budaya'.
Starting from the Batu Buruk incident to the BERSIH rally and the latest was the Hindraf demo.
But IMHO, the demonstrations would never turned out to be ugly if our police force did their part well.
After all they didn't mean any harm to the public at all.
If they weren't provoked with water canon and poison gas, I doubt they would act violently.
This is rather a case of something that was suposed to be so simple and easy to handle turned the other way around.

Truth be told, this entry is not my way of letting out my wrath against the government.
But watching the recent events,just made my heart ache.
There are definitely better ways to handle stuff but we preferred the hard and harsher way.
Sadly the 'friendly Malaysians' remains a tale now.

Media blackout?
Now that's another story to be wrapped up next time.

In the mean time I just need to ease my sadness upon what's happening in our beloved country.
And by that I mean another fruit pudding coming right up into my fridge!


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