Thursday, August 2, 2012

my oh-so-beautiful night

it's 4 am now.. and i've just finished watching my second and last movie [for now].. i thank my two best friends for such a 'beautiful' movie that i saw just now. fqrl for suggesting it to shambie. and shambie for your effort to download the movie and burn it for me. ;) you guys are just the best!

the movie that took me by surprise for its sweetness and romance was none other than "The Notebook".. starring Ryan Gosling, James Garner et cetera.. well, you can always Google for more info regarding the movie, but in my humble opinion, the love story in The Notebook is so real and oh-so-sweet. it tells about a man who reads a notebook to his wife who's suffering from memory loss. their love for each other remains intact until their last a very old age.. perhaps too good to be true, but i can't stop wanting to have such a relationship while i was watching the movie. so sweet and beautiful..can't find more suitable words to describe it. gosh, got to see this movie again..and again..and again.. [plus there's the forever-hot James Marsden in it too..who never fails to make my heart smiles with his lovely dimples.. ;)] rotflol. oh, and Ryan Gosling didn't fail me either in this movie. he managed to look manly and macho, which i find it very difficult to imagine at first due to his boyish look. ah, what a movie.. got butterflies all over my tummy watching the actors..

the first movie that i saw, before The Notebook, was "Serendipity".. quite an old movie, but believe it or not, i haven't seen it even though i once had a huge crush on John Cusack back in the days when i was in college. this movie was not a disappointment either. though there were quite a few 'hindustani' scenes in the movie, but it was acceptable. perhaps it was just my mood.. i was feeling rather mellow and the 'theme' for last night's DVD session was ROMANCE. so, anything sweet and lovey-dovey was THE thing. [pa'chik sure tengah muntah reading this entry.. lol.. bear with me, ek pa'chik..]..

tomorrow, the theme's gonna be comedy slash cartoon, i guess. got "Kung Fu Panda" waiting to be watched and also The Rock's "Game Plan".. yeah, i am enjoying my year-end holidays now.. after a year's hard work, i think at least i deserve this much of an entertainment. oh, no.. ayam berkokok already.. it's 4.50 am.. gonna sleep now..


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