Tuesday, January 10, 2012

-ve vibes


This morning I woke up late..
(6.30 a.m. from the usual 5.30..]
And I think everything doesn't fall to its rightful places today.
In short, I'm not in a very good mood-lah.

The first class for today was English Year 6.
As always, the students 'successfully' put my patience up to its maximum level.
Thank goodness I did not punish them like yesterday.
[Jemur under the very-very hot sun..]

I still haven't got the time to post my application form.
Supposedly, I should've sent it on Monday but I went home late.
And yesterday I went back too early, the post office was closed for lunch break.
I don't know about today, maybe I'll ask my boss for permission to go out during recess.
[The thought of talking to her sickens me..]

We'll be having a meeting today.
FYI, that's my least favourite time in school.
Why? Shall I tell you?
I can't stand being in the same room with my boss for more than 1 hour.
Work with her and you'll know how I feel.

And if I attend today's meeting, that means my Year 4 students will have to postpone their extra class again.
Gosh, I still have 3 classes with them that I've to 'ganti'..
All due to the courses I had to attend.
Arghhhhhhhhh... I hate this!

Sorry people..
Actually I wanted to post something else, but when my fingers hit the keyboard, they just started to type words that came out right from my heart and mind today.
Please excuse all the negative elements this post brings.
Maybe 'that time of the month' is around the corner.

Paham² je la ekk..


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