Friday, November 11, 2011

found new love[s]

i am pleased to disappoint you that the love[s] that i have found are not in a form of a MAN [or two men for that], but rather in reading local political stuff and learning Korean language. the former is because i'm in desperate need of a good laugh and reading about how politicians ridicule themselves somehow satisfy my needs. even though it sickens me to see them toying with the rakyat's trust. the latter is for preparation IF the trip to Korea that i had roughly planned with a few best buddies, comes true. i really hope it does, as it's my ULTIMATE place to visit [as of now]. :D

what a way to start a new post after such a long break.. lol.  well, for the record, LAST month, i did try to update.. but words just wouldn't come out of my head, hence no updates whatsoever from yours truly. i have written a few drafts actually, but none was published. but now, i don't plan to give excuses on why i have not been blogging all this while. i'll just admit that i was too lazy to write. for what reason, i think it's better left unsaid-lah. it'll be the same old reason that even i am bored of writing it over and over again.. but to leave this blog and stop blogging is never in my plan at all. i guess i love this blog so much that i always leave it 'un-updated' for quite some time.. [kalau sayang tinggal-tinggalkan..] hehehe.. did i just gave an excuse there? :p

okay, people..i'd love to write more, but off to school canteen now. hehe

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