Thursday, March 3, 2011


I arrived @work safely today Alhamdulillah.
Yeah, while most of you are still in your comforter this morning, yours truly was already on the road.
Driving almost 2 hours non-stop.

Well, back to business.
This entry is meant to promote my batch's website. Or weblog.
Please have a peek at tkc nine six zero zero dot shambijoux dot com.
That is our current url.. [our own dot com is coming soon!]
And below is the screenshot of our weblog/website.
We are currently using WordPress' layout as Shambie the Administrator is super-busy.
She had come up with a splendid and customized layout design for our web but that has to wait-lah for a while.

There are only 2 posts there for the time being.
One of which I copied+pasted from my own blog..
And the features are not all ready.
But InsyaAllah, they'll be updated one by one soon.

Wassalam and have a great weekend!

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